Friday, March 4, 2011

Dealerships are Stealerships

I'm sure you have all read my rants about Mr.Lube (and if not, well, I'm sure its just a matter of time. Because I am due for an oil chance, and was give MORE Mr.Lube coupons due to their TERRIBLE service)

ANYWHO, this rant is not about Mr.Lube, ITS ABOUT GM! So my car had been making some funny noises, and doing some funny things, but nothing TO serious. Then last week my engine light came on. Brandon (my hero) was able to take a look at it. He knows a lot about cars, and seems to always know how to fix them. She he has a little machine thing that will read your engine code, and tell you whats wrong. He did that and a couple things came up. Because my car is still under warranty, we thought we would take it to the dealership and have them take a look at it, along with some of the other weird things my car was doing.

We dropped it off right before they closed so they could get it in first thing in the morning. Which, SIDE NOTE, meant that I got to drive Brandon's car for the day! That's right, now its for real, we are in love! After a year and a half of marriage he let me get behind the wheel of his baby IN A SNOW STORM. He was so concerned about me (cough cough, the car) he even text me to make sure I made it to work safely! What a guy!

Anyways, back to me :). Considering my luck with vehicles, we just gave them Brandons number, so that they could just deal with him. So the next morning they give him a call with a LIST of things that are wrong (upwards of $1000, not including the things that were covered by warranty). Brandon right away called the guy on it, and explained to him that he knew what the problem was, and just wanted to see what they would find. The guy was silent. Brandon told the guy to do what was covered under warranty, and Brandon wanted a print out of the other things that needed to be done including cost and parts.

After work I stop by the dealership to grab my keys, and then Brandon and I were going to come and get it after he was done work. Well, the night got busy, and it was 10:30, dark, snowing and FREEZING by the time we got there. So we go, and my car wont start. Sweet! Never had the battery die before. Needless to say, I wasn't to impressed. I totally blamed the dealership even though Brandon tried to convince me these things happen. I'm kind of a prepared freak, so I had jumper cables in my trunk. So we fix my car, wait for it to warm up and head on our way.

OH WAIT, no, that's not how it ended..that would be to simple. SO THEN I get into my car, put in in drive, hit the gas....and nothing. RPMs went up, but the car didn't move. I looked down to see if I was in neutral, nope. So I try it in reverse, nope. Put it in park, back in drive, nope. Then all of the sudden there was this loud grind and I shot forward. Sweet. I called Brandon, and ranted the whole drive home, while once again he tried to convince me these things happen.

AND THEN we get home and are looking over the invoice of things that need to be done, and Brandon sees on there something he hasn't seen before. So he googles it. He read up on it all night and EVERYTHING that he read said it was a huge scam. (Sorry I can't remember what its called, it's a boy word lol). FINALLY he sided with me, and we came to the conclusion:


P.S. I have to give credit to Brandon for the sweet blog tittle. Not gonna lie, he said it a few days ago and I wrote it down so I wouldn't forget ;)


  1. I don't know what to say! You do crack me up!!! You two are the cutest, funniest couple. Sorry about your car. Is it working normal now, ie. goes into gear as it should.

  2. Take em down. That's my girl. I do have to agree with you though. I have always felt ripped off at car places. That is until I started dealing with Brasso Nissan. Best experience ever. Have a great weekend.

  3. Oh my I totally feel ya. I hate going to those places, when something goes wrong I just cringe thinking about what they will say is wrong. UGH! Too bad people just can't be honest workers!