Tuesday, November 11, 2014

I have an announcement!!!!

I have an announcement to make. I am not pregnant.

I have been asked this a lot lately by friends, family, and people I have known for a good five minutes. I thought maybe I was looking a little "round", and perhaps people were sincerely wondering if I was pregnant. So I spent way to much money on a nutritional coach, and way to much time at the gym, and devolved a six pack I was pretty proud of. But guess what!? The question continued!!

So what could it be? Could it be that the person sitting next to me on the plane was so amazed by my first impression that she wanted me to duplicate myself immediately?? For all she knows I could be a drug addict with an a abusive husband back home!!

But I'd have to agree with said stranger on the plane. I am pretty amazing. And that husband of mine! He's not to bad himself. So why would a power couple such as ourselves not have already started a family in the half a decade we've been married??

Apparently I need to clarify. I don't hate children. I don't hate people who have children, and I don't hate people who want to have children. I actually really do enjoy children. But the sad thing is, if I hold a baby, or smile at a kid, we are right back to square one.... Why don't I have them?

Maybe I'm just not ready to have crushed Cheerios in the back seat of my truck, or sticky finger prints on my windows.
Maybe I really love my job, and can't imagine my life away from it.
Maybe before I start building a baby, I want to finish building my house.
Maybe I really love my husband, and with how busy we both are right now, I don't want to share the 2-4hrs a day I actually get to spend with him.
Or maybe, just maybe, I am in fact a drug addict with an abusive husband.

Side note, not everyone can just wash their underwear with their husbands and get knocked up. Friends, family and strangers alike need to remember this before they just shoot out the "when will you have kids" questions. I have a number of friends very close to me who would love nothing more than to start a family, but can't. And when you ask them why they don't have kids, it is gut wrenching for them.

So, for all of you wondering about my personal life, there it is. If your reading my blog, you probably also follow me on Facebook. And if you follow me on Facebook you probably know what I had for dinner (it was chicken and rice in case you missed it). So if I feel it important enough to keep you up to date on that, I'm sure you would know if I was pregnant. So there is no need to ask.  You can however make charitable donations to my future babies if you feel you want to be more involved in my unborn children's lives :)