Thursday, May 26, 2011

Birthday Festivities

Although I did not end up going on a spontaneous trip to Vegas to gamble off everything that I own, my birthday so far (Yes, I say so far even though it was yesterday lol) has been GREAT!

On Tuesday I went to cheese cake with Jen, Deb (Jen's mom), Shari and of course the Husband! It was Delicious!! I got their chicken taco salad (which once I got I remembered I HATE chicken..dont know how I forgot, but the salad was SOO delicious it didn't even matter). We ate and talked, and ate some more. Had some good laughs and of course finished it off with Cheesecake! I think its against the rules to go there and NOT get cheesecake.

Tuesday night we watched the hockey game (Not gonna lie, getting a little bored of hockey, but it was an AMAZING game!) AND the biggest loser finale! So awesome!! Ate some more and then went to bed.

As soon as the clock struck midnight (such a cliche term btw, who even has clocks that still "strike") my phone rang. My little brother send me a lovely birthday text to start the day off! I continued to receive text messages all though the night! I woke up and my little LITTLE brother called to sing happy birthday, along with Mom and Dad!

On my way to work I stopped at the Chiropractor so I could be 100% for the day! I got to work and the happy birthdays began! A few hours later I received the most beautiful bouquet of red and orange roses from Brandon (Which look SOOOO good in my office... Which I love so dearly, and I'm sure my boss who is reading this is just shaking her head and laughing at me ..but I feel like a big deal lol)! I had lunch and was so tempted to eat the pre-made pre-portioned frozen cookie dough Rikki had brought for me (I did munch on it later...SOOO good!). Later in the afternoon Grandee and Papa (The Grandparents) stopped by with money for the movies AND a gift certificate to my favorite little Mexican restaurant El-Comals! As the day started to whined down, and I was getting ready to go, ANOTHER set of flowers came! I nice spring colored arrangement from Great Gram T and uncle Ward! Could I be more lucky?!?!

I came home to decide how I wanted to spend the evening. I couldn't decide what I wanted for dinner, or what I wanted to do. I decided I wanted to go to the movies. The Movie I wanted to see started in 40 mins! So obviously my first thought was McDonalds lol. Now now, before you judge me to quickly, we didn't go to McDonalds for my birthday... we upgraded and went to Wendys instead:) We made it to the movies and I got to enjoy a nice night with the hubby! I even got to talk to my big brother from Utah (sorta kinda in the movie..sorry everyone. I was totally prepared to play the "Birthday Card" if I had to lol). And then finished it off with a blizzard from DQ!

But the Birthday celebrations did not end with the birthday! Today Rikki took me out for lunch because yesterday her debit card was MIA. (She found it in the hunnys truck, smart man lol). I decided I wanted to go to Sams Donair! (She had never had a Donair?!?! I know, how has she even survived?) It was SOOO good. We were a little longer than we should have been, but it was worth it!

I somehow convinced Brandon that we should also order Chinese food for dinner! Also SOOO good! But, then the best birthday surprise EVER happened! As we were sitting down to eat the door bell rang. We both kinda looked at each other confused. We opened the door to see my favorite little 4yr old Stratton! Stratton is in our primary class at church, and we just love him to bits! He has in his hand a GIANT cupcake, and a coke zero! Need I say more?? Best birthday gift EVER!!!! A few months after teaching him I started reading his moms blog which is SOO inspirational. I feel like I have known that family forever! His dad said they had stopped by yesterday to drop it off, and when I wasn't there Stratton was so sad. That seriously broke my heart! Thank you SOO much Stratton (Aaron and Skye lol), that really made my day!

Well, I think the birthday celebrations are coming to an end. Although, we are going to Calgary this weekend, and I might just steal my Moms bike as another happy birthday gift (Hey Mom, Remember how you SOLD MY BIKE!...ha ha, I will never give that up).

All in all, I have decided I like birthdays! And I am going to celebrate them monthly, yearly is just way to far apart!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Fat people know their fat, Ugly people know their ugly

This is not a comical blog post, this is a rant. For all of you faithful followers, feel free to skip this one. I just need to rant to feel better.

I have had acne since I was 12 years old. I'm not talking like a zit here and there, I'm talking like I was beat with the ugly stick. Whatever, wasn't a huge deal when I was 12. At that time, if I DIDN'T have acne I would be an outcast. But lets get real here, I'm 21 (in a few days) I think it's time.

Why the sudden need to rant? Oh, allow me to tell you.

So earlier this week I was meeting with a new patient at my work (in my nice to fancy office, that's the upside of this post). He was an African gentleman who had a very strong accent and was very straight forward with things. So we were discussing the importance of regular dental cleanings, and some interesting things about our office when mid conversation he stops and says "Wo wo wo, is that ring a marriage ring??" I told him yes and he replied with "Oh that's to bad. I very like you. But, Why haven't you done anything to fix your face?" WHAT?!? Are you kidding me? Did you seriously just say that to me after proclaiming your love to me?? The rest of the conversation when like this:
"Oh "Bob", trust me, I have tried it all"
"Have you tried the proactive?"
"Yes, I have tried the proactive, it didn't work"
"Ya I see the proactive didn't work! It works so good on the television"
I'm not really sure how the rest of the conversation went after that, as I was basically focusing on two things. Not crying, and keeping myself from slapping him and giving him a lesson on what is culturally acceptable to discuss with strangers.

I went home that night really upset. I joked about it with people from work, but on the inside, I was pissed. I layed in bed that night and thought of all the times children have asked me why I have mosquito bites on my face, or why I have the chicken pox. All the times I had family members try to tell me I need to change my diet, or wash my face more. All the money I have spent on lotions, and face washs, and prescription creams and medications. And when after all of those things didn't work when I went to see a dermatologist who told me he couldn't help me until my face cleared up (also a time I had to keep myself from slapping someone. Obviously if it was cleared up, I would not have been talking to him).

So after a little pitty party I decided that I was going to start tanning again. It seems to always make it a little better. So off to Fabutan I went.

I tan very easy. I came to work the next day and almost everyone had noticed I was a little darker (after 8 mins. Money well spent lol). I was still really upset about the previous conversation with my African buddy, but I was starting to get past that. UNTIL someone that I worked with came in and said "Your looking rather tanned, now we just have to figure out what to do about your face." Really? Like really?!?! Do you not know that I am fully aware of the conditions of my face! Had I been holding something it may have flown across the room.

Yet another pitty party was in order. Makita and I had a little girls night with a few tears and a nice nap.

I have tried EVERYTHING. Like, honestly, if it's out there, I have tried it. And I have had good results with a lot of things. But the problem is as soon as I stop, the good results end. I'm sorry but I refuse to be on accutain for the rest of my life. Or have a chemical peel and have my face fall off every weekend.

I decided I was going to go to the natural foods store and find a solution there. While I was there looking at things, another stranger decided to point out my acne.

I realize people are trying to help. But give me a freaking break. Pointing out the problem is not help, I am well aware that its there. I don't go up to obese people and be like "Oh wow you are HUGE, you should try to diet."

Please consider this my warning to the world. If one more person sees the need to inform me or my ugly face, I will punch theirs, and cut off mine.

End rant.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Forced to Eat Right

I always thought I was a positive easy going person. I've always gotten along with almost everyone, and I'm usually in a good mood....Except for when people MESS UP MY FOOD!

I seriously don't know what it is. It's no even the fact that my food is wrong that makes me so upset. What makes me upset is that APPARENTLY you have to be a total jerk to get things right in this world. I am not ok with paying for food that isn't what I wanted, but I'm REALLY not ok with having to be a jerk.

After my last little "blow out" at Wendy's, the same thing happened at McDonalds. We ordered four burgers, and only one of them was right. We ordered to supersized fries, and they were half full (Which I had to bite my tongue to keep myself from explaining to the guy that had I wanted a medium amount of fries, I would have ordered the medium), the two large coke zeros were good though...not sure how you could possibly get that one wrong.

It was then that I decided maybe it wasn't a "negative vibe" that I was giving off, maybe its a sign that I need to STOP EATING FAST FOOD!!! So I decided, eating at home or going out to a restaurant is the way to go for me, NO MORE DRIVE THROUGHS!

Brandon and I spent Mothers day in Calgary, and as a family we decided that we wanted to take my mom out for dinner. So after church we all met at a restaurant (I don't think mom would be to impressed with a Big Mac for Mothers day dinner anyways, so I didn't have to break my new rule). It was my Mom and Dad, little brothers Shaffer and Preston, and B and I. After the 50min wait for our 6 meals....Brandons was the only one that was right.
Moms - They totally forgot to make, and had to remake it after we all got ours (Happy Mothers day)
Shaffers- They forgot the cheese toast he special ordered (And we were at the restaurant that he works for, you would think we would get "special treatment")
Prestons - He ordered fries and chicken wings, and they forgot his ketchup and gravy
Mine- I ordered a mild chicken burger, and the bun was SO hard I actually couldn't bite it (Seriously, I hit it against my plate it it was rock hard). I said it wasn't a huge deal, and to just bring me a new bun. They kindly made me a whole new burger, but made it spicy. Awesome.
Dads- Paid $20 for "all you can eat wings", and they never came to ask him if he wanted more. They were coming to our table every 2 mins with stuff they forgot the first time (...and second time...and third time) I don't know why they couldn't just top him off each time. I'm sure he felt like he got such a great deal paying $3.33/wing.

I really don't know what it is! It makes me feel like such a wench when I have to ask a waitress to redo anything. I was still going to give her a not bad tip, because it's not entirely her fault. However, what is her fault is after 15mins she came to our table and said "Sorry I have been ignoring you, I'm really embarrassed." No need to be embarrassed, stuff happens. You can be embarrassed when you get a crap tip because you just openly admitted the fact we didn't get our meals fixed sooner is because you were ignoring us. High five!

It has now been decided no more eating anywhere except for my own kitchen. I can make my food just how I like it, and if its not right its no ones fault but my own. I just can't handle calling people out on their mistakes. And whenever I do get free/discounted things I lose sleep over it knowing that the money I didn't have to pay had to come from someone somewhere who is now losing out.

My best friend in Calgary is a personal trainer, and offered to make me a personalized meal plan. (If anyone is thinking about having one made let me know! She is reasonably priced and will give you a meal plan with 3 meals, and 2 snacks that will add up to the perfect amount of calories, fats, carbs, sugars and all of that your body needs to maintain a healthy weight!) Brandon and I have been doing that for a week now, and LOVE IT! I am now not only losing weight, and saving money, but I am also not putting myself in situations where my "Dark Side" comes out lol.

P.S. The other day we were in the kitchen and Brandon leans over to me and says "This whole eating at home thing means we have ALTO of dishes" LOL! I don't know how people ever lived without a dishwasher!