Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Calorie Counter!

That's right everyone! I have decided to count my calories. Today was day 1!! This is what I calculated:
I NEED to Eat 1441 calories a day
Today so far I have eaten 1109
I also did a little run and burned 178
This leaves me with having only consumed 931 calories!!


Its time for me to go get a McDonalds cheese burger :)

Really its the only way to make up for that last 500 calories! And this is just a slight insight on why counting and keeping track of calories never works for me. I'm just SOO good at math that every last number must be accounted for. (Thanks dad for being an accountant, there can be NO missing numbers for me!)

I hope you all watch me when I make it into the biggest loser in a few years ;) I'm sure it will be just great!!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Are you my Mother?

I have a fantastic Mom. She really is the greatest. As a child (well, and up until the day I moved out) she always had breakfast ready for us, our lunches made, and a healthy meal for dinner time. Sadly for us, we hardly ever had sugar cereal, and we NEVER had Kool-Aid. I suppose it was a good thing, because to this day I still don't have a cavity. However, due to that, when I moved out I spent my months budget on Cinnamon Toast Crunch and Kool-Aid Jammers. I know, I was quite the rebel when I moved out, breaking all the rules. Anyways, after the first month, I realized how expensive that was (and how gross Cinnamon Toast Crunch was with Kool-Aid), and then settled for Ichiban and Kool-Aid Jammers (And no, cutting the Kool-Aid out of the budget was NOT an option. They were on sale once, and I filled my ENTIRE trunk. I had a special pantry in my house dedicated SOLELY to my Kool-Aid!!). Have you ever heard of the Freshmen 15? Well..I gained a good THIRTY lbs between the start of school and Christmas lol!

So I'm sure your wondering where this is coming from. This weekend my parents had asked if Brandon and I could watch my little brothers so they could attend a mission farewell in Saskatchewan. So, we were having a blast with the boys, and after we got home from the cub car races (which my little brother came in FIRST) we decided to watch a movie. We went into my parents storage room to see if there were any munchies we could have while watching the movie...and there..in front of my eyes...


I could not believe my eyes. Was this my mothers doing? Was this even the house I grew up in?? I was so shocked I just stood there and stared at them! I frantically called my mother thinking someone must have broken into our house and placed them there!! She sadly said no, and that she was "getting old." I tell ya, Preston and Shay got it good!! I now feel like I gained that weight from my "binge drinking" (of Kool-Aid of course) for no reason! I was so excited, I finished off that box of Kool-Aid Jammers. Thanks Mom, now I gotta hit the gym and lose my Kool-Aid weight...again!

P.S. Little shout out to Momma Layton! I sure do love you! I wanted to have the house SO nice and clean for you and Dad when you got back. It's harder than it looks! I don't know how you do it!! Even as an old kool-aid buying mom ;)

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Everyones doing it?!?!

So..this blog thing. CLEARLY it is the "cool thing to do". Not gonna lie, I created this blog MONTHS ago, then never really finished it. What am I supposed to blog about? (Actually, I didn't even get that far, I had to name it..and stopped there. Yup, that's right, it took me months to come up with "The Phillips". Sounds good right?) Anyways..back to not knowing what I would EVER want to blog about.....



So I have decided I need to jump on this bandwagon.

Let me be the first to welcome you to
blog :)