Tuesday, November 11, 2014

I have an announcement!!!!

I have an announcement to make. I am not pregnant.

I have been asked this a lot lately by friends, family, and people I have known for a good five minutes. I thought maybe I was looking a little "round", and perhaps people were sincerely wondering if I was pregnant. So I spent way to much money on a nutritional coach, and way to much time at the gym, and devolved a six pack I was pretty proud of. But guess what!? The question continued!!

So what could it be? Could it be that the person sitting next to me on the plane was so amazed by my first impression that she wanted me to duplicate myself immediately?? For all she knows I could be a drug addict with an a abusive husband back home!!

But I'd have to agree with said stranger on the plane. I am pretty amazing. And that husband of mine! He's not to bad himself. So why would a power couple such as ourselves not have already started a family in the half a decade we've been married??

Apparently I need to clarify. I don't hate children. I don't hate people who have children, and I don't hate people who want to have children. I actually really do enjoy children. But the sad thing is, if I hold a baby, or smile at a kid, we are right back to square one.... Why don't I have them?

Maybe I'm just not ready to have crushed Cheerios in the back seat of my truck, or sticky finger prints on my windows.
Maybe I really love my job, and can't imagine my life away from it.
Maybe before I start building a baby, I want to finish building my house.
Maybe I really love my husband, and with how busy we both are right now, I don't want to share the 2-4hrs a day I actually get to spend with him.
Or maybe, just maybe, I am in fact a drug addict with an abusive husband.

Side note, not everyone can just wash their underwear with their husbands and get knocked up. Friends, family and strangers alike need to remember this before they just shoot out the "when will you have kids" questions. I have a number of friends very close to me who would love nothing more than to start a family, but can't. And when you ask them why they don't have kids, it is gut wrenching for them.

So, for all of you wondering about my personal life, there it is. If your reading my blog, you probably also follow me on Facebook. And if you follow me on Facebook you probably know what I had for dinner (it was chicken and rice in case you missed it). So if I feel it important enough to keep you up to date on that, I'm sure you would know if I was pregnant. So there is no need to ask.  You can however make charitable donations to my future babies if you feel you want to be more involved in my unborn children's lives :)

Friday, November 11, 2011

All the Single Ladies!

I have been a "Single Lady" for the past few weeks. A few months ago Brandon met with a couple from Calgary who were doing an entire home reno, and had Brandons company recommended to them. (Ironically I know this couple very well as they live a few blocks from my parents, and growing up their family went to church with mine). They drew up the plans for the Kitchen, fireplaces, bathrooms, laundry room, and office. When Brandon was telling me about this I had so many mixed feelings. I was so excited that they had landed this job, because it sounded BEAUTIFUL, and to be honest I was a little excited to have all this "Free time."

Turns out I hate free time. As soon as he left I missed him. It seems pathetic but that man is seriously my best friend. Remember those days growing up when your mom would let you sleep over at your best friends house? And you would watch movies, and then stay up all night just talking and laughing? With me and Brandon, its like a sleepover EVERY night!

I realized the nights would be lonely, but that's why I have my Makita puppy -who I let sleep in my bed for the first (and second..and third..and..) time in her life! To keep my days busy, I thought this would be the perfect time to put in some long hours and late nights at work.

Turns out I hate late nights at work. One night I was feeling rather uncomfortable in my office all alone, and I called Brandon so I could talk to him as I locked up and walked to my car. He laughed at me as he always does with my paranoia to things, but despite how busy he was he stayed on the phone. I shut down the computers, turned off the lights, and set the alarm. It was rather dark out, a little cold, and I had just over a block to walk to my car. After I closed the office door I could see a baseball cap peeking over the dumpster a few car stalls away. I didn't find that too odd as there are ALWAYS drunk natives downtown, but just to be safe I walked on the other side of the parking lot. All of the sudden I could hear this person walking towards me, so I turned around and just said "Hey buddy, get away from me" and then he started running. At me. Poor Brandon is on the phone hearing me scream at the top of my lungs "Get Away From Me" as I am running as fast as I can. I turned around to see how far ahead I was (and I wasn't really at all) when he saw my cell phone in my hand, stopped dead in his tracks, and ran the other direction. I was freaking out, Brandon was freaking out, and all I could think of was catching my breath and getting to my car.

When I finally got to my car I locked to doors and called the police. If you have ever been in downtown Lethbridge at night (Or during the day for that matter), you know calling the cops about natives is rather useless, but I was so scared it was instinct. Normally they give you the "Are you in any imediate danger? Do you have to go back to that area? Ok go home and have a safe night" speech. Well, I started to get that speech, until I gave his description. Then she told me to stay in my vehicle, and she put me on hold. WHAT THE FREAK IS GOING ON!?! I would have rather been ignored. Within minutes I had two cop cars and 4 police offices surrounding my vehicle, and another cop car (at least) in the back area of my office. The police officers were so nice, one asked if I needed to be driven home as I was "visibly shaken up". I talked to them for about half an hour (they had said they had already monitored the area I had last seen the man, and had a squad of cars out looking for him) and they said the reason they were there is because they had the exact same incident reported the night before, with the same description. Awesome! It makes it very hard not to be racist towards natives during times like these. I try very hard not to stereotype any group of people but think, had I not been on the phone with Brandon, or had I not seen the native man and walked on the other side of the parking lot.... What would have happened? Is it being racist? Or is it being realistic? Sorry...this is a deep topic perhaps for another blog.

Back to being single! I had all these huge plans of things I wanted to do while Brandon was away. I was going to work long hours at work and get so much done (which got killed on like the 2nd night he was away), I was going to hang pictures in my house (which I did 50%, the others were to hard lol), and I was going to get so much cleaning done..which actually for the most part happened. I did however eat....ALOT OF CRAP! I went to the grocery store the day after he left and came home with all the crap I never get. I was like a teenager whos parents left for the week. (I wont go into my eating habits, you all read my facebook, and know that they are gross). On the bright side, McDonalds Monopoly is over.

Another fun fact, is I am rather deaf in my right ear. I have always known it, but it's never really had an effect on me. That is because when I sleep and snuggle up to Brandon my right ear is in the pillow, and my good ear faces the alarm clock. Well, with no Brandon, the good ear somehow got put into the pillow, which meant one morning I woke up 2 hours AFTER I wanted to be at work (still before my scheduled time, but seeing as how I do NOT work late anymore, I wanted to come in early). So that sucked.

I really missed Brandon. I am anxiously awaiting his arrival home because we had ANOTHER hoop to jump through this evening. As Brandon was driving home his truck broke down. No power. So he was on the highway, broken down, with no hazard lights. Poor guy! He has been working 12hr days, and just wants to be home so bad and now this. Thankfully he was just a little outside Calgary, and as soon as I called my dad and told him B had broken down he was up and in his truck before I even told him where he was. My dad is such an amazing guy...I guess girls really do marry men like their dads.

I am SO grateful for the amazing men that I have in my life. I have been one blessed girl that's for sure!! Growing up with all brothers had its downsides sometime, but now that we are all grown (Well, not really...Preston just turned 9 last week lol) it is amazing how much the men (and boys lol) in my life are always looking out for me.

All in all I am so grateful that Brandon is busy with work, and even though he was away from our home, he was close to the home that I grew up in. Which means I can go and visit him and my family on the weekends which is great! Hopefully he will have more great opportunities in Calgary, but for now, I am happy to have him back in our home!

PS just got the text that B is in Fort Mac and Dad is back in bed in Calgary! Thanks again Dad for always saving the day, I know you have many other things on your plate right now. I hope that I can be half the parent you and Mom have been and be able to drop what ever is on my plate for my kids!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Irritating Tuesday

I came into work early today because I had an appointment at the hospital for more tests on these lungs of mine. So far the day was looking good. I got caught up on everything and then left for my appointment.

I get to the hospital and right away the lady apparently hates me. She asked me if I had taken my puffers this morning. I told her I had at 6am this morning (thinking to myself that if I hadn't, I would probably be the same light shade of blue as my shirt, because lately I can't breath without it). She rudely asks me if I read the hand out they had mailed to me, which CLEARLY states not to take any medication within 4 hrs of my appointment. I looked at the clock (which said 11)..looked at her, and replied with close to the same tone that I told her I took it at 6, its now 11, which equals 5 hours, which is CLEARLY more than 4. She the proceeds to tell me that even though it says 4hrs, they recommended not taking medication for the entire day leading up to the appointment, and that now because I had my tests results would be inaccurate. My response you may ask? "Well, maybe you should write your 'recommendations' on the booklet you mailed to me. Kind of defeats the purpose of me reading it if its inaccurate don't you think? Besides, your the respiratory therapist, not me, I don't know what is best for these tests, which is why I read the booklet...and followed its guidelines"


That response may have been that downward spiral to the appointment. But really? I have missed so much work, and sleep, and exercise because it is so hard for me to breath. I wanted this appointment to solve my problems, so I read that booklet cover to cover. Her comments almost hurt my feelings to be honest (that may be the lack of sleep talking) but seriously.

Then she took out a booklet of information she was sending home with me....and read every page word for word. I cannot stand that. I am not stupid. In fact, I consider myself to be a fairly educated person (at least educated enough to read). So at this point she had wasted about an hour of my time, to hurt my feelings and insult my intelligence.

We then proceeded to do the different breathing tests (which I was informed...again..may not be accurate because I didn't follow the unwritten "recommendations").

After the tests are complete she went through all the medication/puffers I'm on, which ones she would recommended I not take any more, which ones I take more/less of, and most importantly which ones I need prescribed because the ones I have are just not doing the trick. Perfect! Let's get what I need, tell me how much to take and Ill be on my way.

The kicker of this appointment? The following conversation:

Hospital Lady: "So these are my recomendations of what puffers you will need, and the strength you need them at."

Me: "Perfect. Let's try that"

HL : "Oh, I can't give that to you here"

Me: "Why?"

HL: "Well I'm not a doctor, I can't write prescriptions"

Me: "Ok, so do I wait for a doctor?"

HL: "Oh no, we don't have a doctor here, you will need to go to a walk in clinic"

Me: Are you freaking serious? We are in a freaking hospital! How the hell do you not have a doctor here??! Are you kidding me? I just took off ANOTHER 3 hours from work for you to tell me my puffers are not working? Awesome, thanks, totally could have told you that given the fact I CAN STILL NOT BREATH!

Ok, so I didn't say that. I just thought it, and then called my mom and said it to her (Thanks for pausing your lunch date to listen to my rant, love you mom)

I can't remember exactly what I said. I was so shocked, and wanted to physically slap her so hard, I think I just shut my mouth and said ok. Then I went to my car and tried not to cry.

I feel so helpless. I can hardly take my dog for a walk without getting light headed. I carry my vacuum up the stairs and then need to sit and take a break. I am so sick of this feeling, and I am so sick that nothing and no one is helping me. I have missed so much work to wait in walk in clinics, and ERs. The beginning of May I called to get an appointment with a family Doctor, and my appointment is booked the end of November! Between me and my dog, I can't miss anymore work (not that my work wouldn't let me, I love them and they are awesome...more so because I set goals for myself that I need to meet....).

OH, and remember my comment about my blue scrub top. Ya, today is Tuesday (Burgundy scrub top day) not Monday (blue scrub top day)...and it took me half the day to realize I totally didn't fit in.

Dear Tuesday, please remove yourself the week. I hate you.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Insight from an 8yr old

I called home today to see how my little brothers first days of school went! Shaffer (Starting grade 12 this year) told me his teachers were gay, and everything was stupid (oh to be 17). He wasn't to excited to tell me who he met, what he ate, or what he wore, so that was about the extent of that conversation.

Then I talked Preston (starting grade 4) about his first day. He hold me who his teachers was (who I thought was old when she taught my OLDER brother grade 4..how is she still kickin around?!) and how his teacher remembers teaching my older brother Callin. He told me about what my mom made him for lunch (which made me way jealous, totally miss moms lunches which I was lucky enough to have made for me until the day I moved out..no wonder I cant cook haha). He told me about the friends he already knew, and the ones he just met today. Then he told me that he wore his "Uncle" shirt Callin and Meagan made.

All of the sudden our conversation turns to him being an uncle, he is rather stoked about this. He randomly says to me "I can't believe my nephew is going to me American. Did you know they don't even have perogies there?!" He was further disgusted when I told him they also dont have Poutines or Smarties. He then says to me "Kins, I have a business plan. Lets go to Costco and buy this stuff in bulk. Then we will pack up, drive to Dodes (Callins) house, and sell it! We will make millions!" Poor child, clearly spent to much time with his teenage siblings, he is rather brilliant though you have to admit. So, we talked about our "marketing strategies" for a little bit, and then he said "I'm going to make millions and retire before I am 10! Ill stay in school for a bit though in case that doesn't work out."

Good choice Preston, so proud!

PS did I mention there are cardboard cut outs of this 8yr old in Sport Check stores across Canada? He is kinda a big deal. Sadly, he totally knows it to!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Hospital Blog Part 2 - Doggie Style

I woke up VERY EARLY perfectly rested and ready for the day. Basically all went down from there.

I wanted to get to work SUPER early so that I could be an awesome employee and get all caught up before everyone else got to work. Well, that went out the window, definitely no employee of the month coming my way anytime soon.

I get in the shower and once I'm all wet and lathered with soap my nose starts to bleed. It's hard to tell exactly how bad it was bleeding, because blood and soapy water do not go well together. Right when I was thinking how crappy this moment was, I sneezed. My shower looked like a friggen murder scene! I regret thinking "well this couldn't get worse," over my pathetic bloody nose this morning.

Once I got all ready for work I went upstairs and could smell poop. Awesome, Makita got sick in the night. I open up her kennel and sure enough there is a massive steamy pile of diarrhea, just for me. I clean that up, throw her blankets in the wash and call her to come to the door, but she didn't come. I walk upstairs and she was just lying on the couch. I called her again, and she didn't even look up at me. I remember being so irritated with her, because the whole nose bleed ordeal had set me behind, and then having to clean up her crap was making me even more late...I definitely did not have time to play her stupid games right now. After calling her a third time with her completely ignoring me I got frustrated. Obviously you need to go to the bathroom, and obviously I need to go to work, WHY ARE YOU JUST LAYING ON THE COUCH!?! So I go up to her and kind of pull her collar towards the stairs and she just falls off the couch, like her legs didn't even catch her. Right away I knew something wasn't right. I sat on the floor and pet her for awhile, and the coaxed her towards the stairs. She went down two stairs and then stopped (and if you know my dog, you know she would NEVER stop on the stairs because she is afraid of stairs). I had to pick her up, carry her down the stairs, and set her outside. I set her on the side walk, and she collapsed. Right there on the cement.... just laid there.

Brandon was still sleeping, but I woke him up and said something was wrong with Makita. I don't think he took me to seriously, because I worry ALL the time, and I always think something is wrong with her. Unfortunately this happened at 7am, so our vet was not open. I called the emergency pet hospital just to ask advice, and they said I need to get her seen right away.

So I pack her up and off we go. It was such a sad car ride. Normally she gets so excited, and she just kept falling over with every corner I took. Once I got to the hospital the receptionist was awesome. She got us in a room right away, and had already filled out the papers from the information I had given her on the phone. The nurse came in and he was just as awesome. He was very gentle with Makita, and made sure she had sniffed the stethoscope before he brought it close to her. Then the Dr. came in...I'm sure he is a super nice guy, but his english was CRAP. I have no tolerance for that (I know, not nice of me, I'm working on it. But lets face it, this is my blog, if you didn't like my opinion you wouldn't read it). He wanted to run a bacterial test on her poo, and said it would be an additional $40...ok I can handle that (it's not my butt, I guess it shouldn't really be my call. Poor Makita had attention back there 4 different times).

Then he comes back and starts talking in East Indian medical terms. He starts talking about viruses, and parvo, and bacteria, and IV fluids, and antibiotics...and then finally gets to the money portion. He says if I want to take her home and give her antibiotics there the total for the bill will be around $220, but if I leave her in the hospital he said it will be a minimum of $600. Little bit of a difference there. I asked him if it would be ok if I just took the day off, brought her home and monitored him, and his response was "Well, there is a 70% chance she will be ok"....so I say "And the other 30%?" He replies with "She dies." Really buddy. I don't care what friggen country you come from, you don't tell someone their dog is going to die in the same tone of voice you talk about the weather in.

I love my dog. That is a huge understatement. People know as soon as I start talking about her I light right up, and will not shut up. And this doctor just told me there is a 30% chance she is going to DIE. I'm taking this all in while my dog is laying on the floor shaking, and I'm staring at a minimum bill of $600 (after taking a week off of work). Not going to lie I totally lost it.

I told the vet I would need a couple mins to think about what to do. Thankfully in that time I was able to talk to Brandon who (after the initial price shock) was able to calm me down. I was also able to text my family for advice (and their prayers....thanks guys), and a friend from work. My friend from work has mom who is very knowledgeable in ...well...everything actually. When Brandon got cellulitis her mom made him special creams, and recommended special oils that I believe helped more than the prescriptions. When we were in Mexico and my little brother broke out in some random hives, it was her moms cream that fixed it. So when her mom said Makita needs to be hooked up to the IV right away, I didn't second guess it.

In order for her to be hospitalized, they had to run more tests to see if she was contagious or not. After I left her (by this point she was just laying in the floor basically with no movement) I just sat in my car and cried. I kept trying to pull myself together so I could get to work, but then I would just start up again.

I got to work at around 10:30. I must say, I work with some of the most amazing people. Everyone was very worried and concerned for Makita. People kept checking up on me throughout the day to see if I had heard anything, and how I was holding up. At around 1pm I called to check up on her. The nurse said she was keeping her food down, and was hydrated enough to be up and walking around. She said she would have the doctor call me in an hour. I asked her (in the most politically correct and polite way I could) to please have someone who speaks English call me. She laughed, and said she would personally call me. An hour or so later she said Makita was getting her personality back, and she is quite the "Spunky puppy." They were afraid that as soon as they took her off the IV, she would not continue to get better like she had, so they wanted to keep her over night. If all goes well, I can pick her up tomorrow.

Very emotional day, but on the bright side, IT IS MY PARENTS 26TH WEDDING ANNIVERSARY!!! They were driving home from Vegas, and past through Lethbridge, so they got to take us out for dinner for their anniversary (I love my family lol). It amazes me that they have been together longer than I have been alive. I mean, logically, it makes sence, I guess that's the way it should always be, but it still amazes me. They have spent more of their lives together than they have apart!! I guess they are in it to win it! Congrats Mom and Dad, you really have set an amazing example, and I hope I'm still having as much fun as you guys are when I've been married 26 years (and have some wicked awesome jewlery to show for it..hint hint Brandon, have you seen Moms new rock?!?)

Another awesome thing about today...9 months until my birthday ;) (Super awkward mom and Dad, Super awkward).

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Vegas 2011!

Another annual family Vegas trip has come to a close (Mom and Dad...key word annual... its happened twice now so its tradition, lets not break it).

Before we get into details of the trip, here are some fun facts for you:

1- The number of doorbells our room had
2- The number of Jacuzzi's our room had
3- The number of flat screen TVs our room had
4- The number of bathrooms our room had
5- The number of toilets our room had
6- The number of lights the chandelier above the table had
7- The number of sinks our room had
8- The number of chairs around our dining room table
8.5- The number of people in our room

No that is not an announcement from us, but my brother Callin and his wife Meagan are due to have a baby boy February 29 2012!!! I have known for awhile now, and its been killing me to keep it a secret! We are very excited for "Little Leo" to join the Layton family! They told us at our last family get together in Calgary the start of July. They made everyone T-Shirts that said Grandma, Grandpa, Uncle and Aunt (which we still did not get a picture in! I guess we need to plan another Vacation!)

Did you notice anything else weird about those numbers (other than the obvious...we had a wicked awesome room!). If you said there are more toilets than bathrooms, you would be right (Unless that's a normal thing for you :S). One of our bathrooms had a baday..bday..budea......badae?? A pressure washer for your butt lol. Such a weird concept. Can you imagine the person who invented that trying to get investors. "Once your done on one toilet, you sit on another which is much like a water fountain..for a thirsty bum." I totally wish I was a fly on the wall in that meeting!

We were very fortunate enough to go to Vegas and celebrate my cousins wedding (and gamble). My family stayed in Ceasers Palace (which was established on a few different occasions that it was indeed NOT the real Ceasers Palace..I know, I was a little disappointed myself). Even though I have FANTASTIC parents, we didn't plan on staying in such a high class room. We had asked for 2 rooms, with 2 beds (Callin, Meagan, Brandon and I in one. Mom, Dad, Shaffer and Preston in the other). So we get there, and they check us in. Two rooms, each with a queen sized bed. Now, if any of you know my Dad, you know he rarely ever loses his cool. I wasn't here for this conversation, but from what I was told the cool was lost. The lady tried to tell my dad that 2 beds per room were not guaranteed, they were only given out if they were available, which they were not. She then proceeded to tell my dad that he could rent a caught (For $50/night/bed) and if all else failed he was more than welcome to go to another hotel, A+ customer service if you ask me. Because there was a convention that weekend, all of their rooms were sold out except for the wicked awesome (expensive) rooms. Remember my blogs about me getting what I want? Well, that trait didn't just show up from no where. We got an AMAZING room, and I'm sure once all is said and done there will be another trip or 2 for mom and Dad to enjoy that room without us, compliments of Ceaser (not the real Ceaser).

Vegas was great!! I've been there quite a few times, but this was the first time I was able to gamble (Really aged myself low with that comment..don't judge lol). Bottom line, I love to gamble! The first night was a practice round at the black jack table (aka lost lol). The second night of gambling was amazing! Brandon my Dad and I went out after everyone went to sleep. We sat at the tables until 3:30! I tripled my money that night! The dealer was laughing so hard at me and my strategies. I think that is actually the signal for "This girl is going to bankrupt Vegas." For the greater good of the City I invested more money into the tables the last night (I didn't think it would be fair for me to win so much and take the experience away for future generations. That and "Invested" sounds a lot better than "Lost" when it comes to describing gambling money lol).

There were so many amazing moments about our trip! Most of these moments are only funny to my family, because our humor is a little messed up. We had a chain text between the entire family to keep us all updated, and the comments were SO funny (at least I thought they were) I had to save it. My favorite comment went like this:


Where is everyone? I am in the BIG room all along.

Well. Just me...and a Coke.

Okay..A case of coke

Some Chips

A lot of Chips

A Mars Bar

.... and a Midget named Roland

.......... and a goat


B&K Are Grabbing some gelato and we are headed back. Don't let the midget leave before we get there!

And save me a Coke


It is Pepsi. Don't hurry

And the midget is handcuffed. He is not going anywhere

If you see a goat wearing Kinsley's bra bring it back.

The goat. Don't care about the bra


Bring it up a notch. Dad is bored. Someone PLEASE find him

It is a freaking miracle that I turned out even somewhat normal! Basically the entire trip had moments like that. That was in the middle of the day, imagine the kind of things that were being said once we past the 2am mark!

All in all the trip was awesome. Had a rough start with the whole "Room ordeal" and the 3hr delay on the way home was not great (spending over and hour in a boarded plan with 100 people and no air conditioning fits under the "not great" category) but everything else fits under the amazing category. I am so glad I have such a great family, we sure do have a lot of fun together. So Dad, now that you read my blog...when/where is the next vacation?!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Hospital Blog!

Where to begin? How about a few months ago! I started to get this horrible cough! At first I thought it was allergies (because my allergies were SOO bad this year), and then I got a bad cold, so I thought it was that. After a fews weeks of no allergy symptoms, and no cold symptoms, I knew this cough wasn't normal.

The start of last week I went to the walk in clinic. He said that this cough was indeed from allergies. My lungs had filled with mucous, and the cough was just due to irritation. He gave me a pill to take during the day (which was a chewable tablet that seriously tasted fantastic), and a narcotic cough syrup that taste crappy, but was AMAZING! (One night I fought the urge to sleep, and started talking about the fibers in my sheets brushing up against my skin cells....What can I say? Cough syrup brings out the party in me!)

By the end of last week I had seen no improvement. I was unable to go to the gym, I couldn't hold on a conversation, and my cough had gotten worse. By the time Friday came around I knew something was wrong. I couldn't decide if I should go to the hospital, or just the walk in clinic. For some reason I had this feeling I should go right to the hospital.

By the time I had gotten to the hospital, things had gotten progressively worse. I was so out of breath I felt faint and nauseous, and could hardly tell the nurse who I was or why I was there. Once they had me sitting I had expected to be in the waiting room for hours, but they had me back right away.

They asked for me to put a gown on, because they would need to do a series of chest x-rays. I was less than impressed about this, had I had service on my phone I would have blogged about it right then. If you don't understand why this pissed me off, your probably a man. Let me enlighten you. I have no top on, no bra on, and no tank top on. I also have an open back, which is making me FREEZING and the only thing between my boob and a room FULL of people, is a sick thin layer of fabric. Enough said.

There wasn't much time for my anger to grow, as they started doing tests on me right away. All that is the boring part (which lasted around 6 hrs). The fun part is when they had me hooked up to oxygenated Ventalin! When you take a Ventalin puffer you get a SMALL dose of the actual drug, I'm talking like a drop. THEY HAD ME INHALE OVER HALF A CUP! I tried to tell them I am a light weight, but they insisted that's what my height and weight needed to open my lungs. Well, it sure did that! Within minutes my body was shaking, my arms were tingling, and my fingers were numb. That feeling stayed for a good day or two (was not a fun weekend).

Despite being slightly drugged, I was still able to find hospital people to be rather entertaining. There is always the "Drunk Native" (No racism intended, but if you have been to Emerg in Lethbridge, you know its true) who crashed their car into something and insists they have only had water and milk to drink today. Then there is the "Stupid Man" that totally deserves to be there. In my case it was a guy who twisted his ankle (because he wasn't wearing the ankle brace he was supposed to) and is complaining because he has been waiting so long. Really buddy? Your stupid, you deserve to be hurt. If someone comes in holding their own limbs, in labor, not breathing, having a stroke, having chest pain, swallowed a quarter, stubbed their toe, had a weird color poo.....actually anything. You are the least priority because your stupid, deal with it. Next time ice and elevate! Then there is the "Show Off". The one who thinks there rather hot stuff because they are there. This was the guy who was bragging about how he drove his dirt bike off the coulees 8 weeks ago and his knee cap popped out the side..and his leg is still bent. You should be here, Ice and elevate wont fix that, but its always to watch the "Show Off" shut up when an old male Dr asks them to take their pants off ;)

All in all I have been diagnosed as asthmatic, and I have been having an asthma attack for over a month. The Dr. gave me a couple different puffers (which allow me to breath, but make me feel like death...lose lose situation) and a steroid. He said had I come to him right away it would have been much better, but because my lungs have been closed for so long, its going to take a few weeks for them to fully open up again. Which means no Abs Core and More class for awhile :(

On the bright side, I got the greatest news on Sunday. Brandon and I teach the 5yr olds in Sunday school at church. One of our darling 5yr olds (Stratton) was in Walmart with his family this past week, and saw one of those work out DVDs in the electronic sections. Apparntly the girl on the cover was wearing booty shorts, a tiny sports bra, had ripped abs and beach blond hair. Right away he looks at his parents and says "Is that Kinsley Phillips?!?!". Oh Stratton! How I love you! Thanks for noticing how hard I have been working, despite the fact just carrying on a converstaion with someone makes me need to nap.