Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Calorie Counter!

That's right everyone! I have decided to count my calories. Today was day 1!! This is what I calculated:
I NEED to Eat 1441 calories a day
Today so far I have eaten 1109
I also did a little run and burned 178
This leaves me with having only consumed 931 calories!!


Its time for me to go get a McDonalds cheese burger :)

Really its the only way to make up for that last 500 calories! And this is just a slight insight on why counting and keeping track of calories never works for me. I'm just SOO good at math that every last number must be accounted for. (Thanks dad for being an accountant, there can be NO missing numbers for me!)

I hope you all watch me when I make it into the biggest loser in a few years ;) I'm sure it will be just great!!

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