Thursday, March 31, 2011

Shocking Self-Esteem KILLER

I went to an "Abs core & more" class with a friend last night. It was AWESOME. We had a great workout, and totally got our butts HANDED to us. We got killed. We were probably the youngest there, and possibly the most out of shape (which is probably what people thought,...but no no, we were screwing up on purpose just to bring smiles to other peoples faces. We are all about the smiles LOL). Ya no, we sucked!

I was feeling rather good about it though, I needed some motivation to create this six pack I want so badly! The part that killed me was the arm work out. Clearly the class should be "Abs core and MUCH MUCH MORE."

My arms have always been weak..always. My little brother could beat me at an arm wrestle by the time he was old enough to consciously move his arms. To this day he always calls my bicepts my "squishy muscles". Ok I think your starting to get the point.

Last year I got shingles in my shoulder. At first I thought it was just a dry patch of skin or something, so I put lotion on it and ignored it. Then it started to get itchy, and hurt, and it felt like I had a knife in my shoulder muscle. Normally by this point I would go to the doctor, but it was my first official day at my new job!! I obviously couldn't just call in! So I waited a few days, until one morning I woke up and the lymph node in my neck was basically protruding out the side! That's when I knew something was wrong. I got up the next day before work and waited at the walk in clinic for 3 hours. Then I left to go to work. After work I waited again for another 5 hours. When I FINALLY saw the doctor he told me I had shingles. I knew NOTHING about that. He told me that it eats away at muscles, and is a very serious condition. He said it spreads, and also can come back. If it comes back on my spine, eyes, or brain it can be life threatening. WHAT!?!?! Its in my left arm! Just take the left arm..I hardly use it anyways! (He didn't seem to get my humor, clearly he is not a faithful blog follower). So he told me I would have to take oral meds, and more oral meds to counter act the nausea of the first meds, (Yes, it was a fantastic first week of work lol) and creams...and he also told me to be prepared to have no muscle strength in my shoulder for a LONG time. What he didn't tell me is how much this all would cost! Oh my heck! Having just started a new job, I had no insurance!!! Side thankful for insurance!

So here I was last night, almost a year later, thinking I have grown back most of my shoulder strength (considering right after I couldn't even find the strength to lift my arm over my joke) I thought I would be able to do alright. Nope, I didn't. It was SOO hard. My arms were shaking, and my shoulders felt like jello. But I was SOO proud of myself for actually doing it, this is a BIG step in the direction of getting rid of my squishy muscles (shingles or no shingles).

I woke up a little sore this morning, but was still feeling so proud of myself. I lost 0.8lbs!! It isn't much, but is still great! I have set a goal to lose me "Mexico" weight. Dang all inclusives!

Today at lunch a friend at work asked if I would go with her to AMA to renew her registration. I didn't REALLY want to, but thought I should seeing as how I need to renew my drivers license.

I get there and I tell her everything is the same, as I just had it updated a year and a half ago when Brandon and I got married. Blond hair? Yup. Brown eyes? Yup. Wear contacts? Yup. Same address? Yup. Same phone number? Yup. 5'7"? Yup. *Pause* 110lbs....?

Thanks lady. I'm trying here! No I don't weigh the same as I did when I was fourteen years old!! Way to KILL my self esteem!

PS, I didn't answer with my current weight, I told her my goal weight, and I feel good about that :)

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Joys of Puppy Parenthood - Thoroughly Disgusted

Before I start this rant, can I start by saying what tricky words "Thoroughly Disgusted" are. I attempted to spell them correctly for a good minute, until I had to open up Word and spell check them. I hate spelling, everything should just be spelled the way it sounds. Does disgusted sound like it should have a "g" in it? Ya, I didn't think so either.

Back to today's rant.

Growing up I ALWAYS wanted a puppy..always. Asked for one every Christmas, and my Birthday. And Easter, and thanks giving, and Halloween, and on family day, and most Saturdays...I think you get it.

I was always told no. My brother was allergic, and all dogs shed. When I was about 11, my dad was getting the itch more and more for a dog. My Dad got my Mom a dog house, she got a dog leash for her birthday, a beware of dog sign, and dog treats and toys for mothers day. My mom went away for a week and my dad took us to the pet store almost every night to look at puppies! I was sure this was when my dreams were going to come true!! When I was 12, one night my parents finally sat us down. They asked us if we got a new addition to the family who would take it for walks, I perked right up! Who would clean up after its "accidents", again I rose to the responsibility. They continued on about how much work an addition to the family could be. I was READY for this work! I remember being so excited I could hardly sit down. Then finally I heard "Well I'm so glad you kids are all willing to help, your moms pregnant!!"

WHAT!?!?! I wanted a dog and moms having a baby?!?! I take back EVERYTHING I said I would be responsible for! So, gone were my dreams of having a puppy, instead I got another brother..not even a sister! (PS Preston, I love you like crazy! So glad we got you instead of a puppy, you are seriously the angel in my life, BUT for this blog, lets just stick to the point of a dog) (PS again, Mom and Dad can you please find the video of that conversation? I think it would be SOOO funny to watch!)

So then as Preston got older, and was ready for a puppy of his own I thought FOR SURE it was time. My oldest brother was going on a mission, she we didn't have to worry about his allergies, but again, no dog.

I finally moved out, puppyless. When Brandon and I started dating I made it VERY clear that if he saw a future with me, he better see a puppy in it. He laughed and said ok. When we got engaged, I kid you not it was like "Will you marry me?" "Yes" "We aren't getting a puppy." WHAT?!?! You can't tempt me with those words of love and that shiny stone and say something like that!! He was kidding.. kind of. He didn't want the mess, and the hair, and the training, and all of that. I felt like I was 12 again. Was he going to tell me he was pregnant after I admitted I would do all this?? I told him I would take care of our puppy, and I promised I would clean all the messes. He still wasn't ENTIRELY convinced, but we compromised and got a puppy (oh how I love marriage lol)

I love Makita, A LOT. Anyone that knows me knows if you get me started on my dog, I could talk your ear off FOREVER! And I must say, my parents might have been right, they are TONS of work. Potty training wasn't too too bad. She had her accidents but I had no problem cleaning them. She did go through a stage where she ate the wall, and the baseboards (which I say lightly, but trust me..not so funny at the time...still not funny looking back). Brandon was the one who had to mud, and tape, and repaint. And take baseboards off, and buy new ones, and paint them, and cut them...sadly more than once. (What a patient man. How did I get so lucky!?!)

So this morning, I wake up, running late, rushing around trying to get to work on time. I wake up Brandon and say he will need to take her out and feed her and everything because I just don't have the time. I run upstairs and smell poo. I knew at that point I was not going to make it to work on time. I open up her kennel to see poop...everywhere. And not only poop, but hair covered poop because she is shedding so bad right now. Great. Awesome. So I take her outside, I start wiping down her kennel, and wondering how the heck I am going to clean her blanket. I got all the poop off of it, but it was COATED in dog hair. I thought of the brilliant idea of putting it in the dryer first, so that the lint collector could collect some of the hair before I put it in the wash. Good idea...sorta. It sure collected hair all right. I went to take the "lint off" and it was basically a blanket of dog hair. It was just as thick as it would have been if I just washed brand new towels..only wasn't was dog hair.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

I promised I wouldn't...BUT I did!

I don't understand grumpy people, I honestly don't. I can respect the fact that people have bad days, because obviously who doesn't? I have had a fair share of grumpy days in my life, where I am sure (and I am POSITIVE my husband will agree) I may have not been the happiest person to be around. However, I have NEVER taken my anger or frustration of my own life out on a total stranger.

Working front end at a very busy dental office I meet A LOT of people, and have really seen the extreme personality contrasts between people. I have had people so thankful that we (Being one of the fantastic doctors, really nothing to do with me) were able to help them when they were in pain, or answer their questions when they were afraid that they have actually been brought to tears. I have had people come back with doughnuts or treats for the staff because they were SOO impressed with the experience. I even had a lady right after her appointment tell me what a WONDERFUL experience it was getting her tooth pulled in our office! (I have never had an extraction while I have been awake, but I'm going to assume wonderful wouldn't be my first word.) And the neat thing was, is that she wasn't even kidding! She said she wanted to tell all of her friends what a positive experience it was!!

Then there is the other end of the personality scale. People come into the office like I seriously just personally destroyed them, and so far all I've have done is smiled! Take today for example (Which, my boss teased me that it would end up on my blog..I promised it wouldn' it is lol). I had a gentleman THROW his medical history at me..TWICE! I don't understand what the problem is. OBVIOUSLY we are a medical office, and require certain medical information (and the fact I asked him to come early to fill out this paperwork when I confirmed the appointmet). If you are on medication, or you have medical concerns, wouldn't you want the Dr to know about it? It would REALLY suck if we accidentally KILLED you because we didn't know you were allergic to latex when we had a latex glove down your throat. AND if you have no concerns..THEN JUST CHECK OFF NO FOR HEAVENS SAKE!!! I don't see the need for one acting like a 3 year old and throwing a fit (and medical papers)...especially at your poor receptionist who just wants to smile at you think about rainbows and butterflies (me lol). I (to be fully honest) could care less what is going on in your life, there is no excuse to act like that (Unless of course you have some disease which makes you act totally rude and disrespectful...all the more reason to fill out the medical!) But, I would like to thank SOLEY that old man for ruining my day, and resulting in me self medicating with fast food.....BUT that's for another blog.

I find it funny how today I was the worst person ever, yet yesterday someone asked me if I attended happy people seminars.. I think its safe to say it isn't me.

Solution to my problem, I am getting a plaque made at work:

Acting like a total jerk may result in loss of appointment

P.S. I have yet to pass this one by my manager, I have a slight feeling it may not fly. However I hope she is reading this laughing :)

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Nudist Lifestyle

I don't mind doing laundry, I really don't. But today, as I looked in our closet, I wondered how it was even possible for 2 people to have SO MUCH DIRTY CLOTHES! There was 5 FULL baskets, not including the 2 baskets of towels (and then there is the sheets, and comforter, and mattress cover). HOLY MOLY!

Now I can understand why my mom would get so mad when I would throw clothes down the laundry shoot (oh yes, I grew up with a laundry shoot) when they were not dirty. And now I feel like such a jerk for all the times she did my laundry, nicely folded it, and placed it on my bed only for me to throw it on the floor. (But, Mom should have known better, when I come home from school, its nap time. Nothing can happen until I sleep..basically the same now lol)

I don't know how families with multiple children even handle this whole laundry thing. I mean, I watch my niece and nephew every once in awhile, and they usually both go through at least one change of clothes while they are here, and I usually only watch them for a few hours at a time. Even though their clothes are little, that's still a whole lotta laundry!

I was seriously contemplating being naked ALL of the time, because the sacrifice of my time to do laundry was just way to large, and when we decide to have kids, my time will be more valuable, and the laundry piles would be bigger. Luckily for our poor children, they are hopefully far FAR into the future, and maybe, just maybe I will be past this rant by the time they come along (doubtful though).

Someone did bring to my attention, that if we were all going to be naked, we would need to invest a little more time in the gym. Totally agreeable, there is nothing worse that fat naked people running around. (Like, there is always that old lady in the pool change room, that is HUGE and seems to be in no rush to cover up. That is a WHOLE different blog rant, but long story short, we cant have that EVERYWHERE!)

I realized that if I were going to be naked all the time there would be a few things I would need to do:
-Laser Hair Removal (Which I am in the process of, I have a few more treatments left)
- Tanning (Which I cant do while having laser hair removal)
- Not give up on the treadmill after 10 mins
- Give up fast food (Which we all know is not likely for me!)

So, I have decided that this may not be the lifestyle choice I am ready to make.

New Decision = Always going commando :). That has to cut AT LEAST half the laundry.

P.S. Most annoying thing right now....My washer is finished, my dryer is not. I started them at the same time. That is the dumbest thing ever. The Washer/Dryer people totally planned this just to piss me off, I know it.

Bright side, gives me time to blog ;)

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Use your manners?

I was raised in a good home. Was taught to say please and thank you, and to always apologize if I was in the wrong. It seems that somehow, as we grow up, we take this more and more to heart. I have a few examples.

The last FOUR times we have gone out for dinner, my order has been drastically screwed up. (And, we don't got out for dinner TONS, but, seriously never fails)

Tonight we went to Boston Pizza. Ordered our meals and an appetizer. Said please and thank you and off the waitress went. We waited, and waited....and waited. A couple behind us sat down. We waited some more. Then they ordered, and we waited. THEN THE GOT THEIR FOOD..and we hadn't even got our appetizer yet! They come out and say they didn't have the right noodles for Brandons pasta. Whatever, make it with whatever noodle you want, no big deal. The waiting continues, and finally they bring out the meal. I kindly informed the waitress we never got our appetizer during our long wait...AND THEN I APPOLOGIZED! Is that really needed. Do I need to say I'm sorry because someone else cant do their job? I mean, I do, and always will because I'm nice like that, I'm just saying.

The EXACT same thing happened a few weeks ago when we went to Montanas. Totally forgot about our appetizer.

On Valentines we went to our favorite restaurant "El Comals." We go there so much we know the staff by name, and most of their life stories. They always come to ask our order just to make sure we haven't changed our mind, and after we order they smile and say "yup, the usual." I always get the burrito, with chicken, not spicy, and no cilantro. So when my order came, with EXTRA cilantro, and EXTRA hot sauce, needless to say I was not impressed (considering the last time we went there they did the same thing, and I apologized and said to just bring me out sour cream). But no, this was Valentines and I deserve to get what I want (I can be a little "strong willed" sometimes lol). So I told her, I apologized profusely and she re-made it for me.

AND THEN there was Moxies. I had a HORRIBLE day at work, and just needed to escape. My darling husband decided to take me out for dinner. Not a super exciting story here, just that they gave me a half soup instead of a full, and on brown bread instead of white. But still, I said please thank you and that I was sorry for their mistake. And appologized again for the inconvience I might have caused when she brought me out my proper soup and sandwich.

(Slight side note, I did get all my meals for free, which made me happy that I didn't have to pay, but then I felt even worse knowing that someone somewhere is losing out on money. Side note number 2, El Comals is still the best place in town. And considering we used to go there a couple times a week for like a year...I highly recommend going!)

So, that is just manners at restaurants. And then...there is work. I love my job, like, I actually do. I work with great people, and I love it despite its moments of high stress. I constantly find myself apologizing to patients for things that are completely out of my hands. But, whatever, that's part of my job. However, I do think at some point I should be able to cut the crap and call it like it is.

For example, people always call in with toothaches. And we always do everything within our power to get them in. Last Friday, I had a gentleman call at like 4:00 pm (Keeping in mind our last appointment is at like 3). And he goes on and on about how much pain he is in. I keep apologizing, and explaining to him that I am sorry but all the dentist have left. I offered him a weekend appointment at one of our other offices, said I could call the dentist at home and see if we could maybe call him in a pain killer to get him through the weekend. I tried every possible solution that I could. The whole time saying how sorry I was.

But really, the guy told me he has had this tooth ache for a week. Should I really even care at this point? Why can't I say "Oh well it was really rather stupid of you to wait until the end of the day Friday wasn't it? I'm sure your regretting this decision. Considering you called us, I am assuming you have our number, please call back on Monday because in all honestly, I could care less about your problem right now."

Oh if only. Moral of the story, I am too dang nice. Thanks Mom and Dad! Why couldn't you raise me to be a jerk??

Friday, March 4, 2011

Dealerships are Stealerships

I'm sure you have all read my rants about Mr.Lube (and if not, well, I'm sure its just a matter of time. Because I am due for an oil chance, and was give MORE Mr.Lube coupons due to their TERRIBLE service)

ANYWHO, this rant is not about Mr.Lube, ITS ABOUT GM! So my car had been making some funny noises, and doing some funny things, but nothing TO serious. Then last week my engine light came on. Brandon (my hero) was able to take a look at it. He knows a lot about cars, and seems to always know how to fix them. She he has a little machine thing that will read your engine code, and tell you whats wrong. He did that and a couple things came up. Because my car is still under warranty, we thought we would take it to the dealership and have them take a look at it, along with some of the other weird things my car was doing.

We dropped it off right before they closed so they could get it in first thing in the morning. Which, SIDE NOTE, meant that I got to drive Brandon's car for the day! That's right, now its for real, we are in love! After a year and a half of marriage he let me get behind the wheel of his baby IN A SNOW STORM. He was so concerned about me (cough cough, the car) he even text me to make sure I made it to work safely! What a guy!

Anyways, back to me :). Considering my luck with vehicles, we just gave them Brandons number, so that they could just deal with him. So the next morning they give him a call with a LIST of things that are wrong (upwards of $1000, not including the things that were covered by warranty). Brandon right away called the guy on it, and explained to him that he knew what the problem was, and just wanted to see what they would find. The guy was silent. Brandon told the guy to do what was covered under warranty, and Brandon wanted a print out of the other things that needed to be done including cost and parts.

After work I stop by the dealership to grab my keys, and then Brandon and I were going to come and get it after he was done work. Well, the night got busy, and it was 10:30, dark, snowing and FREEZING by the time we got there. So we go, and my car wont start. Sweet! Never had the battery die before. Needless to say, I wasn't to impressed. I totally blamed the dealership even though Brandon tried to convince me these things happen. I'm kind of a prepared freak, so I had jumper cables in my trunk. So we fix my car, wait for it to warm up and head on our way.

OH WAIT, no, that's not how it ended..that would be to simple. SO THEN I get into my car, put in in drive, hit the gas....and nothing. RPMs went up, but the car didn't move. I looked down to see if I was in neutral, nope. So I try it in reverse, nope. Put it in park, back in drive, nope. Then all of the sudden there was this loud grind and I shot forward. Sweet. I called Brandon, and ranted the whole drive home, while once again he tried to convince me these things happen.

AND THEN we get home and are looking over the invoice of things that need to be done, and Brandon sees on there something he hasn't seen before. So he googles it. He read up on it all night and EVERYTHING that he read said it was a huge scam. (Sorry I can't remember what its called, it's a boy word lol). FINALLY he sided with me, and we came to the conclusion:


P.S. I have to give credit to Brandon for the sweet blog tittle. Not gonna lie, he said it a few days ago and I wrote it down so I wouldn't forget ;)