Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Joys of Puppy Parenthood - Thoroughly Disgusted

Before I start this rant, can I start by saying what tricky words "Thoroughly Disgusted" are. I attempted to spell them correctly for a good minute, until I had to open up Word and spell check them. I hate spelling, everything should just be spelled the way it sounds. Does disgusted sound like it should have a "g" in it? Ya, I didn't think so either.

Back to today's rant.

Growing up I ALWAYS wanted a puppy..always. Asked for one every Christmas, and my Birthday. And Easter, and thanks giving, and Halloween, and on family day, and most Saturdays...I think you get it.

I was always told no. My brother was allergic, and all dogs shed. When I was about 11, my dad was getting the itch more and more for a dog. My Dad got my Mom a dog house, she got a dog leash for her birthday, a beware of dog sign, and dog treats and toys for mothers day. My mom went away for a week and my dad took us to the pet store almost every night to look at puppies! I was sure this was when my dreams were going to come true!! When I was 12, one night my parents finally sat us down. They asked us if we got a new addition to the family who would take it for walks, I perked right up! Who would clean up after its "accidents", again I rose to the responsibility. They continued on about how much work an addition to the family could be. I was READY for this work! I remember being so excited I could hardly sit down. Then finally I heard "Well I'm so glad you kids are all willing to help, your moms pregnant!!"

WHAT!?!?! I wanted a dog and moms having a baby?!?! I take back EVERYTHING I said I would be responsible for! So, gone were my dreams of having a puppy, instead I got another brother..not even a sister! (PS Preston, I love you like crazy! So glad we got you instead of a puppy, you are seriously the angel in my life, BUT for this blog, lets just stick to the point of a dog) (PS again, Mom and Dad can you please find the video of that conversation? I think it would be SOOO funny to watch!)

So then as Preston got older, and was ready for a puppy of his own I thought FOR SURE it was time. My oldest brother was going on a mission, she we didn't have to worry about his allergies, but again, no dog.

I finally moved out, puppyless. When Brandon and I started dating I made it VERY clear that if he saw a future with me, he better see a puppy in it. He laughed and said ok. When we got engaged, I kid you not it was like "Will you marry me?" "Yes" "We aren't getting a puppy." WHAT?!?! You can't tempt me with those words of love and that shiny stone and say something like that!! He was kidding.. kind of. He didn't want the mess, and the hair, and the training, and all of that. I felt like I was 12 again. Was he going to tell me he was pregnant after I admitted I would do all this?? I told him I would take care of our puppy, and I promised I would clean all the messes. He still wasn't ENTIRELY convinced, but we compromised and got a puppy (oh how I love marriage lol)

I love Makita, A LOT. Anyone that knows me knows if you get me started on my dog, I could talk your ear off FOREVER! And I must say, my parents might have been right, they are TONS of work. Potty training wasn't too too bad. She had her accidents but I had no problem cleaning them. She did go through a stage where she ate the wall, and the baseboards (which I say lightly, but trust me..not so funny at the time...still not funny looking back). Brandon was the one who had to mud, and tape, and repaint. And take baseboards off, and buy new ones, and paint them, and cut them...sadly more than once. (What a patient man. How did I get so lucky!?!)

So this morning, I wake up, running late, rushing around trying to get to work on time. I wake up Brandon and say he will need to take her out and feed her and everything because I just don't have the time. I run upstairs and smell poo. I knew at that point I was not going to make it to work on time. I open up her kennel to see poop...everywhere. And not only poop, but hair covered poop because she is shedding so bad right now. Great. Awesome. So I take her outside, I start wiping down her kennel, and wondering how the heck I am going to clean her blanket. I got all the poop off of it, but it was COATED in dog hair. I thought of the brilliant idea of putting it in the dryer first, so that the lint collector could collect some of the hair before I put it in the wash. Good idea...sorta. It sure collected hair all right. I went to take the "lint off" and it was basically a blanket of dog hair. It was just as thick as it would have been if I just washed brand new towels..only wasn't was dog hair.

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