Saturday, March 12, 2011

Nudist Lifestyle

I don't mind doing laundry, I really don't. But today, as I looked in our closet, I wondered how it was even possible for 2 people to have SO MUCH DIRTY CLOTHES! There was 5 FULL baskets, not including the 2 baskets of towels (and then there is the sheets, and comforter, and mattress cover). HOLY MOLY!

Now I can understand why my mom would get so mad when I would throw clothes down the laundry shoot (oh yes, I grew up with a laundry shoot) when they were not dirty. And now I feel like such a jerk for all the times she did my laundry, nicely folded it, and placed it on my bed only for me to throw it on the floor. (But, Mom should have known better, when I come home from school, its nap time. Nothing can happen until I sleep..basically the same now lol)

I don't know how families with multiple children even handle this whole laundry thing. I mean, I watch my niece and nephew every once in awhile, and they usually both go through at least one change of clothes while they are here, and I usually only watch them for a few hours at a time. Even though their clothes are little, that's still a whole lotta laundry!

I was seriously contemplating being naked ALL of the time, because the sacrifice of my time to do laundry was just way to large, and when we decide to have kids, my time will be more valuable, and the laundry piles would be bigger. Luckily for our poor children, they are hopefully far FAR into the future, and maybe, just maybe I will be past this rant by the time they come along (doubtful though).

Someone did bring to my attention, that if we were all going to be naked, we would need to invest a little more time in the gym. Totally agreeable, there is nothing worse that fat naked people running around. (Like, there is always that old lady in the pool change room, that is HUGE and seems to be in no rush to cover up. That is a WHOLE different blog rant, but long story short, we cant have that EVERYWHERE!)

I realized that if I were going to be naked all the time there would be a few things I would need to do:
-Laser Hair Removal (Which I am in the process of, I have a few more treatments left)
- Tanning (Which I cant do while having laser hair removal)
- Not give up on the treadmill after 10 mins
- Give up fast food (Which we all know is not likely for me!)

So, I have decided that this may not be the lifestyle choice I am ready to make.

New Decision = Always going commando :). That has to cut AT LEAST half the laundry.

P.S. Most annoying thing right now....My washer is finished, my dryer is not. I started them at the same time. That is the dumbest thing ever. The Washer/Dryer people totally planned this just to piss me off, I know it.

Bright side, gives me time to blog ;)

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