Sunday, July 24, 2011

I Get What I Want

Bold statement, I know. I don't mean this in like a super wench kinda way. I mean it in like a "If you screw me over your totally going to know about it" (See this blog Here if you don't know what I mean).

Earlier this week I had to stop at Safeway and grab something really quick. Instead of bringing in my entire purse I decided to just grab my Safeway card, American Express, and Airmiles! So I go in, grab my few things and go to check out. After standing in line, my card wont work. I have no idea why, but the cashier just keeps trying it, and saying its not working. She was also new and didn't know what to do after that. Super embarrassing as I had to go out to my car, find my debit card, and stand in line AGAIN.

Then the other day I go in with a gift card. Again, I just needed a few things so I didn't bring in my purse. I decided to not bring in another form of payment, because then I would have purposely spent more than the gift card (Yes, that's me budgeting, I'm super good at it!). I went to self check out, and for some reason my gift card is not working. I hadn't used it yet, so I wasn't sure what was wrong. The cashier watching over the self check out tills was flirting with cashier at the express lane (normally would not have bothered me, I think I'm sort of a nice person, but today I was irritated, and in a HUGE rush, so I didn't really have time to listen to their fake laughs and plans for Friday night). The following conversation went something like this:
Me: "Um...HI?"
Cashier chick: "Hi?"
Me: looks down at the till, back at her.. "This isn't working"
Cashier chick: "Oh, haha. Is that a gift card?"
Me: Looks at the gift card, back at her "Um...yup"
Cashier Chick: "Oh ya, those don't work today. I don't know whats wrong" Then she continues on with her conversation with boy from express lane.
Me: About ready to slap this girl "Um ya hi, still here. What do you mean they aren't working? Like, not at this till? Or not at all?"
Cashier Chick: "Oh not at all, they haven't worked all day"
Me: "Thanks for letting me know the first 2 times I swiped the card, and waited for it to register."

Was probably not the best "Kinsley Moment" but come on! I swear, stupid people are placed in my life just to test my sanity. One day someone is going to get hurt, and all I will be able to say is "They were stupid, it was bound to happen."

Anyways, this is not a rant on stupid people, that would take forever (perhaps I will write a book). So I go back to Safeway to get some cheese, and make sure their gift cards are working (and the stupid cashier chick wasn't lol). I get to the till, go to pay, and my gift card was like $3 something short. What? I hadn't used it yet! Then I remembered that the amount it was missing was the exact amount that the bill came to the other day when it wouldn't work. I told the cashier about what happened, and she said she couldn't do anything about it, and I would need to pay the difference and talk to the supervisor.

I explained everything to the supervisor (left out the little love fest, I didn't want to get myself worked up). She apologized, said she wasn't really sure how to fix it either, but she would give us a $5 gift card to make up for it. Awesome!! I love making money off of stupid people!

But then this brings me back to the point of someone somewhere is now out $2. Dang it! There is no winning. New plan, eliminate stupid people! Save $2...I think it's worth it.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Nothing McDonalds Can't Fix

I promised a blog post of my "Awesome" day. Where do I begin....How about 12 hours before I left work...which was basically when I got to work.

I get to work totally pumped for the day! Went to the gym before hand, packed a healthy lunch, and planned to stay a couple hours late to catch up on some stuff from my last weeks holidays (which also deserves a post). Once I get there I looked and the schedule and was reminded that the first few hours for EVERYONE canceled, but that was okay because every other appointment was confirmed and looking good!

To refrain from dragging this paragraph on for too long, let me just say half the day just didn't show. Who books appointments, confirms them, and then just doesn't show up? I can't comprehend this madness. (That's almost as bad as the lady yesterday who freaked out insisting she had an appointment, then sat down in the waiting room and said "And again an appointment I show up for that 'apparently' I don't have." Really? Does this happen do you often? Maybe its you then!!)

So I was frantically trying to fill the day, while trying to catch up from being on holidays last week, and one of my hygienists wife decides to go into labor. (Clearly I have never had children, hence I am able to use the word "decides" when talking about birth), Who does that on a Tuesday? Common! How inconvenient. So on top of the gong show of a Tuesday it had already been, now I'm trying to find people to come in and cover for him for the rest of a week. I thought I told him to explain to his wife a Thursday would be best. Men, they never listen!

I temporarily skipped reviewing and editing Wednesday, because I wasn't too sure how I was going to swing it with this whole "Baby" thing. So I looked at Thursdays schedule, which I also decided to skip as one of the Dentist is going to be away, one hygienist working a half day, and another hygienist called to say she couldn't work on Thursday. Alright, Friday it is. Just kidding NOPE. All of Friday was booked wrong, and needed LOTS of fixing, so I decided to skip Friday to. Its only Tuesday and I am already at Saturday. AWESOME!

At 3:00 I decided it was time for lunch. Clearly McDonalds was in order! After I called The Husband, and this is kinda how it went:

B: What did you get for lunch?
K: A Cheeseburger
B: Just a cheeseburger?
K: Well, a double cheeseburger.
B: A Double Cheeseburger?
K: Well, two double cheeseburgers.
B: Two double cheeseburgers!?
K: ...And fries
B: Two double cheeseburgers AND Fries?!?
K: ......And a coke. But it was a coke zero, so were good to go, basically cancels everything else out.

(I cant comprehend people who miss dental appointments on days when it is plus 31, not a cloud in the sky, and not windy...yet the above statement makes total sense to me. I'm a little messed up, I acknowledge and accept that).

Quickly after that I regretted my decision for eating McDonalds, as I remembered my battle this morning with the weigh scale...(What can I say I had an AWESOME time at stampede lol). I was full after the first burger, I put the other one in my purse. That was actually brilliant considering I was still at work when it was time for dinner!

Um, after that the specifics are kind of meaningless, but it got to the point where really all I could do was laugh (Until I looked out the front window and there was half the native reserve huddled by our front door, I was a little scared). So then I spent the last few hours just me and my burger, turned the music up load and partied!! I worked a little to, I should probably add that seeing as how my manager reads my blog ;). I gotta say, the rest of this week is looking DANG good now! (Sadly, I hope its not nice outside so people actually come to their appointments I have worked so hard to make perfect).

Moral of the story...NO BABIES!!! Hahaha! Just kidding. Good luck Trent & Jill, So excited for you and your family!!