Sunday, June 12, 2011

Recent Festivites

Well, it has been awhile since I blogged. I don't even know where to start!! that have happened that are worth blogging about....

The Flood!
I left work early on Friday (a couple weeks ago lol) because we had to be in Calgary by like 5pm. I get home and we are packing everything up. Last thing we grab is the Kennel from under the stairs for Makita. When we opened the door, and instantly I knew we would not be making it to Calgary. You could hear the water just pouring in. Our sump pump decided to be more of a "Sump do nothing" type of thing. And as their was a constant stream of water coming in, there was no water going out. We pulled everything out from under the stairs (I have decided I hate "Under the stairs". That's where you put all your crap that you will "deal with another day"..aka when your house floods).

Once we got that emptied we realized our office was also soaking wet. For those of you that have been in our house, our office is a man cave. Its the size of a small bed room, and it is 50% custom made desk (which was now in water). It was a lost cause trying to move it, because it is huge and dang heavy. So we just unplugged everything, and started with the shop vac and towel routine.

The next room we go into was the guest room (basically another place to store junk). Surprise surprise, another little mini swamp. So we moved the dresser (And while moving the dresser, ripped and jewelry holder off of the wall) and the bed away from the wall. And then there was UNDER the bed. Oh my gosh. It was a secret stash of Brandons jeans. Who knew?!? It was actually kind of a saving grace as they absorbed a lot of the water, but it made for 2 loads of laundry that I didn't really care to do.

Then our bedroom. Thankfully not as bad, but still was in need of some furniture moving. We had piles of crap stacked to the roof in every dry corner of our house (which were hard to find). I felt like I was living in a fort, which made it kind of fun, if I didn't have to sort through it and put it away after it would have been a blast! I remember growing up our basement flooded once, I thought it was AWESOME! My mom made it so much fun! Sadly, not so much fun when your the one with pruned toes...

It took us a week to get everything dried out. Constant use of the shop vac (which I would not recommend doing before normal vacuum, but, I didn't really get to choose), towel dabbing, and fanning! We also got A LOT of spring cleaning done! Some things that were found include:
-Thank you cards from our wedding nearly two years ago in an envelope labeled "Need Address". I sent most of them, there was only a handful left. But, I figured it would be super tacky to send them now. I contemplated reading them and looking for the "Thank you for the towels" cards...and adding and extra thank you.
- Some of Brandon's mail from 2001. That's right, over 10 years ago! So now when he leaves mail on the counter, and says he will go through it tomorrow, I have every right not to believe him
- The white tank top I have been looking for since before I got married. That was nice!
- Two guitars, one guitar case, and a box of guitar books, which is ironic seeing as how neither of us can play the guitar
- And two garbage bags of random crap that has been thrown away (which can not be discussed because then Brandon will realize its gone lol)

So, that's the story of our flood. All is nice and tidy now. I even came home from work one day to find that Brandon and built a nice shelf in a garage for better storage space!

True Colors Seminar
My office put on a "True Colors" seminar. It was really neat! What it was is learning more about your personality. There are four different colors (Gold, Blue, Orange and Green) and each color represents a type of personality. We took a test to see which color is most dominant in our personality. I was Gold. Which basically means I am OCD, everything has to line up perfectly, and be color coordinated, and have direction and order. Yup, that's me :). It was A LOT of fun to learn about the different types of personalities, and how important it is to have a blend of people.

Ashley's Bachelorette
One of my best friends is getting married in TWO WEEKS!!! Its crazy! We had a bridal shower and a bachelorette for her this weekend, and it was a lot of fun! We went bowling, then went out for dinner at Moxies, then back to Jessies house and did gifts and games and food!
When we were at the bowling alley, we were all going up to get shoes. Jessie walks up and says:
Jessie "Do you guys have half sizes"
Bowling guy "Yup"
Jessie "Perfect! Ill get an 8!"
Bowling guy - lol
It was SOOO funny! You have to know Jessie to really understand how funny this was, but we laughed so hard! She also tried to do a "dive bowl", and hit the floor so hard with the ball that she slid and cut open her hand. I cant remember if this was before or after she threw the ball straight into the wall while trying to "Bowl behind her back"
All in all, really great night. I have to say though, I missed Brandon so bad. It feels like I haven't slept alone in so long! I tried to cuddle up against the couch to make it feel like didn't work so well.

Voicemail Texts
Brandon's phone has this thing where when he gets a voice mail, it will text it to him so he doesn't have to call and listen to it. It's a free thing, so, its not that great. Example, he got a text from me today that said "Buddy, its Julie calling and your not even answering. Gosh Darn day. Love you, bye" (To make this even funnier, please know that it definitely DID NOT say gosh darn, I edited it for those of you that may take offense lol). My real message was "Buddy, Its your wing man calling, and your not even answering, sad day. Love you bye." Needless to say I think Brandon was a little confused as to who Julie was, and why she was so upset lol. He listened to that voice mail.