Friday, April 29, 2011

They Screw You at the Drive Through

Common phrase I know, but sadly almost always true....but never THIS true!

So at work, I have had a promotion :) :) :) (Yes, smiley face times 3 lol). I am not the Hygiene Coordinator for Lethbridge Dental Surgical Suites! Rather excited. (So, if you want to get your teeth cleaned.... :)) I started training this week, and then I have one more week to learn the ropes and I am on my own! So, work has be a little stressful (and long) this week. A few of us (being myself, one of the hygienist, and the current hygiene coordinator) decided we should get lunch today!

They all wrote down their orders, and I offered to drive to Wendys to grab everything.

Our order:
Baja Salad w/ Cheese burger
Baja Salad w/ fries
Cheeseburger (Only Mustard, Ketchup, pickles and Cheese) with a large fresca and large fries.

I figured that would be easy enough! So, I get there and they make a huge deal that I cant paid a salad with fries (a burger yes, but fries no...I know..STUPID). So whatever, I said its fine ill just pay for the fries. Problem solved! (That's me, solving the worlds problems $1.89 at a time)

So I get to the till, pay and pull away. On my drive I go to eat some fries, and I see there is only one burger, and one fries!! So, I call Wendys, explain the situation, and also explain I am already 15 mins into my half hour lunch. She says she will have everything ready and waiting for me when I get there.

I walk in, thank her, and run back to my car. Open the bag, and STILL no fries. Back into Wendys I go. Trying to stay calm (even though I am now 25 mins into my 30 min lunch) I explain to her there are no fries. She makes me my fries and off I go....again!

Get a phone call from the girls who are waiting for their lunches, and tell them I have now had to go back, twice, ill need to drive back to work, find a place to park, and Ill be there.

I finally get to work, tell them the story, and apologize that we are well past our 30 mins. We open the bag to find this:
- The Large fries were actually mediums
- The cheeseburger had everything on it
- No napkins
- No croutons (for either salad)
- And the wrong salad dressing

I was pissed (understatement...huge understatement). I called the lady back and explained my frustration (in a positive way) UNTIL she says "Well, the salad doesn't come with fries." I AM FREKAING AWARE THE SALAD DOES NOT COME WITH FRIES, I HAD TO PAY EXTRA FOR THE FRIES!!!!!! WHY ARE FRIES SUCH A HUGE DEAL TO YOU?!?!

And then (Oh yes...there is more) She tried to tell me they don't have a vinaigrette. Clearly she ins unaware of how much food means to me. I stomped into our lunch room and read the whole package to her, and proceeded to ask her if she would like me to read the ingredients to her.

I asked her what time she would be working until, as I wanted to come in after work (which I now don't know what time that would be, as I will now need to put in overtime) and discuss this situation with her.

After all that, I now had no time to even eat the salad, and int he fridge it went. (However, super good salad, I highly recommend it to everyone!)

After work I go to talk to her, and start off my apologizing for my phone call. She was really good about it, and apologized for screwing up my ENTIRE order. She then offered to give me my money back, or another salad for free. I told her not to worry about the salad, as I still had mine from lunch because after everything I had no time to eat it. I said what would be better, is if I could get a free meal for myself and my husband, as we are headed out to Calgary tonight, and if they were willing to pay for our meals, I would be willing to give their drive through another chance.

And WALA...two free meals any size I want :) All I need, another burger in my system lol

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Just Another Rainy Saturday

This past Saturday I offered to work at one of our "Sister Offices." Now, even though this office is only about a block away from the office I work at, I have never been there. I have been told that Saturdays at that office are rather slow and stress free, so I was kind of excited.

I got there before everyone else so I could walk around and familiarize myself with the building a little bit. The day was going SOO great! It was a bit more busy that we had planned because we had a few emergency patients come in. Also, the assistant had the flu, and couldn't find anyone to cover for her, so every once in awhile she would have to get up to go to the bathroom and puke (what a dedicated employee).

The day was cold, and wet. Snowing and very slushy outside. Have you ever had a little leak in the roof on days like that? Where you put a bucket down and listen to that slow annoying drip until it is fixed??

Ya, Saturday was not that day. I'm sitting at my desk thinking how awesome it is that I am getting paid over time, and basically just relaxing! I all off the sudden I hear a DOWN POUR! I look over to see a waterfall coming in through the ceiling. I call Brandon in a panic and say "Come! Quickly! Bring our towels! All of them!!!!" I call my office manager telling her she needs to get to the office right now! Brandon comes with towels and starts running through the building to shut off all the internal water. We send our patients home, because obviously with no water there isn't a lot we can do. I call my office manager again, in more of a panic. She starts to get mad at me because I locked the front door, and tells me she just received ANOTHER emergency call and they are on their way over. SERIOUSLY!?!?! THE ONLY WATER WE HAVE IN THE BUILDING IS THE WATER POURING THROUGH THE ROOF! I tell her to just get here. I believe we have this conversation every 5 or so minutes until she showed up, with only a few towels.

My manager is a faithful blog follower of mine. She (along with everyone else who has ever heard me tell a story) thinks I exaggerate slightly. It's not exaggerating. I don't think its fair that just because I find things to be important that perhaps other people don't, that makes me an exaggerator. ANYWAYS, I think she thought this was one of those time.

Until, she walked in and saw this:
Yes, feel free to look at that for a moment or two. Those buckets would fill to the BRIM every ten minutes. Please notice the steady stream. As my manager walked in she literally just stood there and looked at it, and then began apologizing saying she had no idea it was this bad. Even when I describe it to people now, words mean NOTHING until you see the picture.

So that's a brief glimpse into my "Relaxing Saturday." Between being hunched over ringing out towels for 4 hours (in uncomfortable high heels), and my abs class, I was in SO much pain Saturday night I contemplated going to the hospital (no exaggeration there btw). Every muscle in my body throbbed. I was in pain all Saturday night, all Sunday, and was about ready to call into work on Monday.

Thankfully my darling Husband made me a muscle repair shake, and I was feeling much better by Monday. On the topic of my husband, I thought I should take a moment to tell him how grateful I am for him. He's the guy who drops everything to pack up ALL of our towels with out questions. He spends his ENTIRE (unpaid) Saturday afternoon helping ringing out damp towels. He then stays after half the people leave to Shop-Vac the soaking wet carpet. And once we get home, and I can't even move, he just takes care of me, makes sure that I am comfortable, and knows how much he loves me. I love you Brandon!