Saturday, May 14, 2011

Forced to Eat Right

I always thought I was a positive easy going person. I've always gotten along with almost everyone, and I'm usually in a good mood....Except for when people MESS UP MY FOOD!

I seriously don't know what it is. It's no even the fact that my food is wrong that makes me so upset. What makes me upset is that APPARENTLY you have to be a total jerk to get things right in this world. I am not ok with paying for food that isn't what I wanted, but I'm REALLY not ok with having to be a jerk.

After my last little "blow out" at Wendy's, the same thing happened at McDonalds. We ordered four burgers, and only one of them was right. We ordered to supersized fries, and they were half full (Which I had to bite my tongue to keep myself from explaining to the guy that had I wanted a medium amount of fries, I would have ordered the medium), the two large coke zeros were good though...not sure how you could possibly get that one wrong.

It was then that I decided maybe it wasn't a "negative vibe" that I was giving off, maybe its a sign that I need to STOP EATING FAST FOOD!!! So I decided, eating at home or going out to a restaurant is the way to go for me, NO MORE DRIVE THROUGHS!

Brandon and I spent Mothers day in Calgary, and as a family we decided that we wanted to take my mom out for dinner. So after church we all met at a restaurant (I don't think mom would be to impressed with a Big Mac for Mothers day dinner anyways, so I didn't have to break my new rule). It was my Mom and Dad, little brothers Shaffer and Preston, and B and I. After the 50min wait for our 6 meals....Brandons was the only one that was right.
Moms - They totally forgot to make, and had to remake it after we all got ours (Happy Mothers day)
Shaffers- They forgot the cheese toast he special ordered (And we were at the restaurant that he works for, you would think we would get "special treatment")
Prestons - He ordered fries and chicken wings, and they forgot his ketchup and gravy
Mine- I ordered a mild chicken burger, and the bun was SO hard I actually couldn't bite it (Seriously, I hit it against my plate it it was rock hard). I said it wasn't a huge deal, and to just bring me a new bun. They kindly made me a whole new burger, but made it spicy. Awesome.
Dads- Paid $20 for "all you can eat wings", and they never came to ask him if he wanted more. They were coming to our table every 2 mins with stuff they forgot the first time (...and second time...and third time) I don't know why they couldn't just top him off each time. I'm sure he felt like he got such a great deal paying $3.33/wing.

I really don't know what it is! It makes me feel like such a wench when I have to ask a waitress to redo anything. I was still going to give her a not bad tip, because it's not entirely her fault. However, what is her fault is after 15mins she came to our table and said "Sorry I have been ignoring you, I'm really embarrassed." No need to be embarrassed, stuff happens. You can be embarrassed when you get a crap tip because you just openly admitted the fact we didn't get our meals fixed sooner is because you were ignoring us. High five!

It has now been decided no more eating anywhere except for my own kitchen. I can make my food just how I like it, and if its not right its no ones fault but my own. I just can't handle calling people out on their mistakes. And whenever I do get free/discounted things I lose sleep over it knowing that the money I didn't have to pay had to come from someone somewhere who is now losing out.

My best friend in Calgary is a personal trainer, and offered to make me a personalized meal plan. (If anyone is thinking about having one made let me know! She is reasonably priced and will give you a meal plan with 3 meals, and 2 snacks that will add up to the perfect amount of calories, fats, carbs, sugars and all of that your body needs to maintain a healthy weight!) Brandon and I have been doing that for a week now, and LOVE IT! I am now not only losing weight, and saving money, but I am also not putting myself in situations where my "Dark Side" comes out lol.

P.S. The other day we were in the kitchen and Brandon leans over to me and says "This whole eating at home thing means we have ALTO of dishes" LOL! I don't know how people ever lived without a dishwasher!

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