Thursday, May 26, 2011

Birthday Festivities

Although I did not end up going on a spontaneous trip to Vegas to gamble off everything that I own, my birthday so far (Yes, I say so far even though it was yesterday lol) has been GREAT!

On Tuesday I went to cheese cake with Jen, Deb (Jen's mom), Shari and of course the Husband! It was Delicious!! I got their chicken taco salad (which once I got I remembered I HATE chicken..dont know how I forgot, but the salad was SOO delicious it didn't even matter). We ate and talked, and ate some more. Had some good laughs and of course finished it off with Cheesecake! I think its against the rules to go there and NOT get cheesecake.

Tuesday night we watched the hockey game (Not gonna lie, getting a little bored of hockey, but it was an AMAZING game!) AND the biggest loser finale! So awesome!! Ate some more and then went to bed.

As soon as the clock struck midnight (such a cliche term btw, who even has clocks that still "strike") my phone rang. My little brother send me a lovely birthday text to start the day off! I continued to receive text messages all though the night! I woke up and my little LITTLE brother called to sing happy birthday, along with Mom and Dad!

On my way to work I stopped at the Chiropractor so I could be 100% for the day! I got to work and the happy birthdays began! A few hours later I received the most beautiful bouquet of red and orange roses from Brandon (Which look SOOOO good in my office... Which I love so dearly, and I'm sure my boss who is reading this is just shaking her head and laughing at me ..but I feel like a big deal lol)! I had lunch and was so tempted to eat the pre-made pre-portioned frozen cookie dough Rikki had brought for me (I did munch on it later...SOOO good!). Later in the afternoon Grandee and Papa (The Grandparents) stopped by with money for the movies AND a gift certificate to my favorite little Mexican restaurant El-Comals! As the day started to whined down, and I was getting ready to go, ANOTHER set of flowers came! I nice spring colored arrangement from Great Gram T and uncle Ward! Could I be more lucky?!?!

I came home to decide how I wanted to spend the evening. I couldn't decide what I wanted for dinner, or what I wanted to do. I decided I wanted to go to the movies. The Movie I wanted to see started in 40 mins! So obviously my first thought was McDonalds lol. Now now, before you judge me to quickly, we didn't go to McDonalds for my birthday... we upgraded and went to Wendys instead:) We made it to the movies and I got to enjoy a nice night with the hubby! I even got to talk to my big brother from Utah (sorta kinda in the movie..sorry everyone. I was totally prepared to play the "Birthday Card" if I had to lol). And then finished it off with a blizzard from DQ!

But the Birthday celebrations did not end with the birthday! Today Rikki took me out for lunch because yesterday her debit card was MIA. (She found it in the hunnys truck, smart man lol). I decided I wanted to go to Sams Donair! (She had never had a Donair?!?! I know, how has she even survived?) It was SOOO good. We were a little longer than we should have been, but it was worth it!

I somehow convinced Brandon that we should also order Chinese food for dinner! Also SOOO good! But, then the best birthday surprise EVER happened! As we were sitting down to eat the door bell rang. We both kinda looked at each other confused. We opened the door to see my favorite little 4yr old Stratton! Stratton is in our primary class at church, and we just love him to bits! He has in his hand a GIANT cupcake, and a coke zero! Need I say more?? Best birthday gift EVER!!!! A few months after teaching him I started reading his moms blog which is SOO inspirational. I feel like I have known that family forever! His dad said they had stopped by yesterday to drop it off, and when I wasn't there Stratton was so sad. That seriously broke my heart! Thank you SOO much Stratton (Aaron and Skye lol), that really made my day!

Well, I think the birthday celebrations are coming to an end. Although, we are going to Calgary this weekend, and I might just steal my Moms bike as another happy birthday gift (Hey Mom, Remember how you SOLD MY BIKE!...ha ha, I will never give that up).

All in all, I have decided I like birthdays! And I am going to celebrate them monthly, yearly is just way to far apart!

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  1. Happy Birthday Kinsley! Sounds like you had some great celebrations!! Stratton was thrilled you were home! He was jumping the whole time he told me about seeing you!! Thanks for being so wonderful!