Tuesday, March 15, 2011

I promised I wouldn't...BUT I did!

I don't understand grumpy people, I honestly don't. I can respect the fact that people have bad days, because obviously who doesn't? I have had a fair share of grumpy days in my life, where I am sure (and I am POSITIVE my husband will agree) I may have not been the happiest person to be around. However, I have NEVER taken my anger or frustration of my own life out on a total stranger.

Working front end at a very busy dental office I meet A LOT of people, and have really seen the extreme personality contrasts between people. I have had people so thankful that we (Being one of the fantastic doctors, really nothing to do with me) were able to help them when they were in pain, or answer their questions when they were afraid that they have actually been brought to tears. I have had people come back with doughnuts or treats for the staff because they were SOO impressed with the experience. I even had a lady right after her appointment tell me what a WONDERFUL experience it was getting her tooth pulled in our office! (I have never had an extraction while I have been awake, but I'm going to assume wonderful wouldn't be my first word.) And the neat thing was, is that she wasn't even kidding! She said she wanted to tell all of her friends what a positive experience it was!!

Then there is the other end of the personality scale. People come into the office like I seriously just personally destroyed them, and so far all I've have done is smiled! Take today for example (Which, my boss teased me that it would end up on my blog..I promised it wouldn't...but..here it is lol). I had a gentleman THROW his medical history at me..TWICE! I don't understand what the problem is. OBVIOUSLY we are a medical office, and require certain medical information (and the fact I asked him to come early to fill out this paperwork when I confirmed the appointmet). If you are on medication, or you have medical concerns, wouldn't you want the Dr to know about it? It would REALLY suck if we accidentally KILLED you because we didn't know you were allergic to latex when we had a latex glove down your throat. AND if you have no concerns..THEN JUST CHECK OFF NO FOR HEAVENS SAKE!!! I don't see the need for one acting like a 3 year old and throwing a fit (and medical papers)...especially at your poor receptionist who just wants to smile at you think about rainbows and butterflies (me lol). I (to be fully honest) could care less what is going on in your life, there is no excuse to act like that (Unless of course you have some disease which makes you act totally rude and disrespectful...all the more reason to fill out the medical!) But, I would like to thank SOLEY that old man for ruining my day, and resulting in me self medicating with fast food.....BUT that's for another blog.

I find it funny how today I was the worst person ever, yet yesterday someone asked me if I attended happy people seminars.. I think its safe to say it isn't me.

Solution to my problem, I am getting a plaque made at work:

Acting like a total jerk may result in loss of appointment

P.S. I have yet to pass this one by my manager, I have a slight feeling it may not fly. However I hope she is reading this laughing :)

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  1. I agree full heartedly. Why are some people so negative and rude? Good job trying to stay positive though. :) Keep smiling.