Saturday, March 5, 2011

Use your manners?

I was raised in a good home. Was taught to say please and thank you, and to always apologize if I was in the wrong. It seems that somehow, as we grow up, we take this more and more to heart. I have a few examples.

The last FOUR times we have gone out for dinner, my order has been drastically screwed up. (And, we don't got out for dinner TONS, but, seriously never fails)

Tonight we went to Boston Pizza. Ordered our meals and an appetizer. Said please and thank you and off the waitress went. We waited, and waited....and waited. A couple behind us sat down. We waited some more. Then they ordered, and we waited. THEN THE GOT THEIR FOOD..and we hadn't even got our appetizer yet! They come out and say they didn't have the right noodles for Brandons pasta. Whatever, make it with whatever noodle you want, no big deal. The waiting continues, and finally they bring out the meal. I kindly informed the waitress we never got our appetizer during our long wait...AND THEN I APPOLOGIZED! Is that really needed. Do I need to say I'm sorry because someone else cant do their job? I mean, I do, and always will because I'm nice like that, I'm just saying.

The EXACT same thing happened a few weeks ago when we went to Montanas. Totally forgot about our appetizer.

On Valentines we went to our favorite restaurant "El Comals." We go there so much we know the staff by name, and most of their life stories. They always come to ask our order just to make sure we haven't changed our mind, and after we order they smile and say "yup, the usual." I always get the burrito, with chicken, not spicy, and no cilantro. So when my order came, with EXTRA cilantro, and EXTRA hot sauce, needless to say I was not impressed (considering the last time we went there they did the same thing, and I apologized and said to just bring me out sour cream). But no, this was Valentines and I deserve to get what I want (I can be a little "strong willed" sometimes lol). So I told her, I apologized profusely and she re-made it for me.

AND THEN there was Moxies. I had a HORRIBLE day at work, and just needed to escape. My darling husband decided to take me out for dinner. Not a super exciting story here, just that they gave me a half soup instead of a full, and on brown bread instead of white. But still, I said please thank you and that I was sorry for their mistake. And appologized again for the inconvience I might have caused when she brought me out my proper soup and sandwich.

(Slight side note, I did get all my meals for free, which made me happy that I didn't have to pay, but then I felt even worse knowing that someone somewhere is losing out on money. Side note number 2, El Comals is still the best place in town. And considering we used to go there a couple times a week for like a year...I highly recommend going!)

So, that is just manners at restaurants. And then...there is work. I love my job, like, I actually do. I work with great people, and I love it despite its moments of high stress. I constantly find myself apologizing to patients for things that are completely out of my hands. But, whatever, that's part of my job. However, I do think at some point I should be able to cut the crap and call it like it is.

For example, people always call in with toothaches. And we always do everything within our power to get them in. Last Friday, I had a gentleman call at like 4:00 pm (Keeping in mind our last appointment is at like 3). And he goes on and on about how much pain he is in. I keep apologizing, and explaining to him that I am sorry but all the dentist have left. I offered him a weekend appointment at one of our other offices, said I could call the dentist at home and see if we could maybe call him in a pain killer to get him through the weekend. I tried every possible solution that I could. The whole time saying how sorry I was.

But really, the guy told me he has had this tooth ache for a week. Should I really even care at this point? Why can't I say "Oh well it was really rather stupid of you to wait until the end of the day Friday wasn't it? I'm sure your regretting this decision. Considering you called us, I am assuming you have our number, please call back on Monday because in all honestly, I could care less about your problem right now."

Oh if only. Moral of the story, I am too dang nice. Thanks Mom and Dad! Why couldn't you raise me to be a jerk??

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  1. My dear daughter. You are AWESOME. always remember, "you get more bees with honey". Life will be much better that way.