Sunday, February 13, 2011

Are you my Mother?

I have a fantastic Mom. She really is the greatest. As a child (well, and up until the day I moved out) she always had breakfast ready for us, our lunches made, and a healthy meal for dinner time. Sadly for us, we hardly ever had sugar cereal, and we NEVER had Kool-Aid. I suppose it was a good thing, because to this day I still don't have a cavity. However, due to that, when I moved out I spent my months budget on Cinnamon Toast Crunch and Kool-Aid Jammers. I know, I was quite the rebel when I moved out, breaking all the rules. Anyways, after the first month, I realized how expensive that was (and how gross Cinnamon Toast Crunch was with Kool-Aid), and then settled for Ichiban and Kool-Aid Jammers (And no, cutting the Kool-Aid out of the budget was NOT an option. They were on sale once, and I filled my ENTIRE trunk. I had a special pantry in my house dedicated SOLELY to my Kool-Aid!!). Have you ever heard of the Freshmen 15? Well..I gained a good THIRTY lbs between the start of school and Christmas lol!

So I'm sure your wondering where this is coming from. This weekend my parents had asked if Brandon and I could watch my little brothers so they could attend a mission farewell in Saskatchewan. So, we were having a blast with the boys, and after we got home from the cub car races (which my little brother came in FIRST) we decided to watch a movie. We went into my parents storage room to see if there were any munchies we could have while watching the movie...and front of my eyes...


I could not believe my eyes. Was this my mothers doing? Was this even the house I grew up in?? I was so shocked I just stood there and stared at them! I frantically called my mother thinking someone must have broken into our house and placed them there!! She sadly said no, and that she was "getting old." I tell ya, Preston and Shay got it good!! I now feel like I gained that weight from my "binge drinking" (of Kool-Aid of course) for no reason! I was so excited, I finished off that box of Kool-Aid Jammers. Thanks Mom, now I gotta hit the gym and lose my Kool-Aid weight...again!

P.S. Little shout out to Momma Layton! I sure do love you! I wanted to have the house SO nice and clean for you and Dad when you got back. It's harder than it looks! I don't know how you do it!! Even as an old kool-aid buying mom ;)

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  1. So just to defend myself those jammer were from summer. We have 30 kids in our cresent so I like to buy something I can share that isnt expensive. Tadaa!! Koolaide Jammers. But I am also getting old and tired so be watching for other things I am slacking on. I will be recruiting help in hte future so that Preston turns out as amazing as my other children. Love you all Mom