Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Hospital Blog Part 2 - Doggie Style

I woke up VERY EARLY perfectly rested and ready for the day. Basically all went down from there.

I wanted to get to work SUPER early so that I could be an awesome employee and get all caught up before everyone else got to work. Well, that went out the window, definitely no employee of the month coming my way anytime soon.

I get in the shower and once I'm all wet and lathered with soap my nose starts to bleed. It's hard to tell exactly how bad it was bleeding, because blood and soapy water do not go well together. Right when I was thinking how crappy this moment was, I sneezed. My shower looked like a friggen murder scene! I regret thinking "well this couldn't get worse," over my pathetic bloody nose this morning.

Once I got all ready for work I went upstairs and could smell poop. Awesome, Makita got sick in the night. I open up her kennel and sure enough there is a massive steamy pile of diarrhea, just for me. I clean that up, throw her blankets in the wash and call her to come to the door, but she didn't come. I walk upstairs and she was just lying on the couch. I called her again, and she didn't even look up at me. I remember being so irritated with her, because the whole nose bleed ordeal had set me behind, and then having to clean up her crap was making me even more late...I definitely did not have time to play her stupid games right now. After calling her a third time with her completely ignoring me I got frustrated. Obviously you need to go to the bathroom, and obviously I need to go to work, WHY ARE YOU JUST LAYING ON THE COUCH!?! So I go up to her and kind of pull her collar towards the stairs and she just falls off the couch, like her legs didn't even catch her. Right away I knew something wasn't right. I sat on the floor and pet her for awhile, and the coaxed her towards the stairs. She went down two stairs and then stopped (and if you know my dog, you know she would NEVER stop on the stairs because she is afraid of stairs). I had to pick her up, carry her down the stairs, and set her outside. I set her on the side walk, and she collapsed. Right there on the cement.... just laid there.

Brandon was still sleeping, but I woke him up and said something was wrong with Makita. I don't think he took me to seriously, because I worry ALL the time, and I always think something is wrong with her. Unfortunately this happened at 7am, so our vet was not open. I called the emergency pet hospital just to ask advice, and they said I need to get her seen right away.

So I pack her up and off we go. It was such a sad car ride. Normally she gets so excited, and she just kept falling over with every corner I took. Once I got to the hospital the receptionist was awesome. She got us in a room right away, and had already filled out the papers from the information I had given her on the phone. The nurse came in and he was just as awesome. He was very gentle with Makita, and made sure she had sniffed the stethoscope before he brought it close to her. Then the Dr. came in...I'm sure he is a super nice guy, but his english was CRAP. I have no tolerance for that (I know, not nice of me, I'm working on it. But lets face it, this is my blog, if you didn't like my opinion you wouldn't read it). He wanted to run a bacterial test on her poo, and said it would be an additional $40...ok I can handle that (it's not my butt, I guess it shouldn't really be my call. Poor Makita had attention back there 4 different times).

Then he comes back and starts talking in East Indian medical terms. He starts talking about viruses, and parvo, and bacteria, and IV fluids, and antibiotics...and then finally gets to the money portion. He says if I want to take her home and give her antibiotics there the total for the bill will be around $220, but if I leave her in the hospital he said it will be a minimum of $600. Little bit of a difference there. I asked him if it would be ok if I just took the day off, brought her home and monitored him, and his response was "Well, there is a 70% chance she will be ok" I say "And the other 30%?" He replies with "She dies." Really buddy. I don't care what friggen country you come from, you don't tell someone their dog is going to die in the same tone of voice you talk about the weather in.

I love my dog. That is a huge understatement. People know as soon as I start talking about her I light right up, and will not shut up. And this doctor just told me there is a 30% chance she is going to DIE. I'm taking this all in while my dog is laying on the floor shaking, and I'm staring at a minimum bill of $600 (after taking a week off of work). Not going to lie I totally lost it.

I told the vet I would need a couple mins to think about what to do. Thankfully in that time I was able to talk to Brandon who (after the initial price shock) was able to calm me down. I was also able to text my family for advice (and their prayers....thanks guys), and a friend from work. My friend from work has mom who is very knowledgeable in ...well...everything actually. When Brandon got cellulitis her mom made him special creams, and recommended special oils that I believe helped more than the prescriptions. When we were in Mexico and my little brother broke out in some random hives, it was her moms cream that fixed it. So when her mom said Makita needs to be hooked up to the IV right away, I didn't second guess it.

In order for her to be hospitalized, they had to run more tests to see if she was contagious or not. After I left her (by this point she was just laying in the floor basically with no movement) I just sat in my car and cried. I kept trying to pull myself together so I could get to work, but then I would just start up again.

I got to work at around 10:30. I must say, I work with some of the most amazing people. Everyone was very worried and concerned for Makita. People kept checking up on me throughout the day to see if I had heard anything, and how I was holding up. At around 1pm I called to check up on her. The nurse said she was keeping her food down, and was hydrated enough to be up and walking around. She said she would have the doctor call me in an hour. I asked her (in the most politically correct and polite way I could) to please have someone who speaks English call me. She laughed, and said she would personally call me. An hour or so later she said Makita was getting her personality back, and she is quite the "Spunky puppy." They were afraid that as soon as they took her off the IV, she would not continue to get better like she had, so they wanted to keep her over night. If all goes well, I can pick her up tomorrow.

Very emotional day, but on the bright side, IT IS MY PARENTS 26TH WEDDING ANNIVERSARY!!! They were driving home from Vegas, and past through Lethbridge, so they got to take us out for dinner for their anniversary (I love my family lol). It amazes me that they have been together longer than I have been alive. I mean, logically, it makes sence, I guess that's the way it should always be, but it still amazes me. They have spent more of their lives together than they have apart!! I guess they are in it to win it! Congrats Mom and Dad, you really have set an amazing example, and I hope I'm still having as much fun as you guys are when I've been married 26 years (and have some wicked awesome jewlery to show for it..hint hint Brandon, have you seen Moms new rock?!?)

Another awesome thing about today...9 months until my birthday ;) (Super awkward mom and Dad, Super awkward).

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