Thursday, September 1, 2011

Insight from an 8yr old

I called home today to see how my little brothers first days of school went! Shaffer (Starting grade 12 this year) told me his teachers were gay, and everything was stupid (oh to be 17). He wasn't to excited to tell me who he met, what he ate, or what he wore, so that was about the extent of that conversation.

Then I talked Preston (starting grade 4) about his first day. He hold me who his teachers was (who I thought was old when she taught my OLDER brother grade is she still kickin around?!) and how his teacher remembers teaching my older brother Callin. He told me about what my mom made him for lunch (which made me way jealous, totally miss moms lunches which I was lucky enough to have made for me until the day I moved wonder I cant cook haha). He told me about the friends he already knew, and the ones he just met today. Then he told me that he wore his "Uncle" shirt Callin and Meagan made.

All of the sudden our conversation turns to him being an uncle, he is rather stoked about this. He randomly says to me "I can't believe my nephew is going to me American. Did you know they don't even have perogies there?!" He was further disgusted when I told him they also dont have Poutines or Smarties. He then says to me "Kins, I have a business plan. Lets go to Costco and buy this stuff in bulk. Then we will pack up, drive to Dodes (Callins) house, and sell it! We will make millions!" Poor child, clearly spent to much time with his teenage siblings, he is rather brilliant though you have to admit. So, we talked about our "marketing strategies" for a little bit, and then he said "I'm going to make millions and retire before I am 10! Ill stay in school for a bit though in case that doesn't work out."

Good choice Preston, so proud!

PS did I mention there are cardboard cut outs of this 8yr old in Sport Check stores across Canada? He is kinda a big deal. Sadly, he totally knows it to!

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  1. You're brother is so Awesome!!But it runs in the family you are AWESOME too!!!Just say'n'