Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Vegas 2011!

Another annual family Vegas trip has come to a close (Mom and Dad...key word annual... its happened twice now so its tradition, lets not break it).

Before we get into details of the trip, here are some fun facts for you:

1- The number of doorbells our room had
2- The number of Jacuzzi's our room had
3- The number of flat screen TVs our room had
4- The number of bathrooms our room had
5- The number of toilets our room had
6- The number of lights the chandelier above the table had
7- The number of sinks our room had
8- The number of chairs around our dining room table
8.5- The number of people in our room

No that is not an announcement from us, but my brother Callin and his wife Meagan are due to have a baby boy February 29 2012!!! I have known for awhile now, and its been killing me to keep it a secret! We are very excited for "Little Leo" to join the Layton family! They told us at our last family get together in Calgary the start of July. They made everyone T-Shirts that said Grandma, Grandpa, Uncle and Aunt (which we still did not get a picture in! I guess we need to plan another Vacation!)

Did you notice anything else weird about those numbers (other than the obvious...we had a wicked awesome room!). If you said there are more toilets than bathrooms, you would be right (Unless that's a normal thing for you :S). One of our bathrooms had a baday..bday..budea......badae?? A pressure washer for your butt lol. Such a weird concept. Can you imagine the person who invented that trying to get investors. "Once your done on one toilet, you sit on another which is much like a water fountain..for a thirsty bum." I totally wish I was a fly on the wall in that meeting!

We were very fortunate enough to go to Vegas and celebrate my cousins wedding (and gamble). My family stayed in Ceasers Palace (which was established on a few different occasions that it was indeed NOT the real Ceasers Palace..I know, I was a little disappointed myself). Even though I have FANTASTIC parents, we didn't plan on staying in such a high class room. We had asked for 2 rooms, with 2 beds (Callin, Meagan, Brandon and I in one. Mom, Dad, Shaffer and Preston in the other). So we get there, and they check us in. Two rooms, each with a queen sized bed. Now, if any of you know my Dad, you know he rarely ever loses his cool. I wasn't here for this conversation, but from what I was told the cool was lost. The lady tried to tell my dad that 2 beds per room were not guaranteed, they were only given out if they were available, which they were not. She then proceeded to tell my dad that he could rent a caught (For $50/night/bed) and if all else failed he was more than welcome to go to another hotel, A+ customer service if you ask me. Because there was a convention that weekend, all of their rooms were sold out except for the wicked awesome (expensive) rooms. Remember my blogs about me getting what I want? Well, that trait didn't just show up from no where. We got an AMAZING room, and I'm sure once all is said and done there will be another trip or 2 for mom and Dad to enjoy that room without us, compliments of Ceaser (not the real Ceaser).

Vegas was great!! I've been there quite a few times, but this was the first time I was able to gamble (Really aged myself low with that comment..don't judge lol). Bottom line, I love to gamble! The first night was a practice round at the black jack table (aka lost lol). The second night of gambling was amazing! Brandon my Dad and I went out after everyone went to sleep. We sat at the tables until 3:30! I tripled my money that night! The dealer was laughing so hard at me and my strategies. I think that is actually the signal for "This girl is going to bankrupt Vegas." For the greater good of the City I invested more money into the tables the last night (I didn't think it would be fair for me to win so much and take the experience away for future generations. That and "Invested" sounds a lot better than "Lost" when it comes to describing gambling money lol).

There were so many amazing moments about our trip! Most of these moments are only funny to my family, because our humor is a little messed up. We had a chain text between the entire family to keep us all updated, and the comments were SO funny (at least I thought they were) I had to save it. My favorite comment went like this:


Where is everyone? I am in the BIG room all along.

Well. Just me...and a Coke.

Okay..A case of coke

Some Chips

A lot of Chips

A Mars Bar

.... and a Midget named Roland

.......... and a goat


B&K Are Grabbing some gelato and we are headed back. Don't let the midget leave before we get there!

And save me a Coke


It is Pepsi. Don't hurry

And the midget is handcuffed. He is not going anywhere

If you see a goat wearing Kinsley's bra bring it back.

The goat. Don't care about the bra


Bring it up a notch. Dad is bored. Someone PLEASE find him

It is a freaking miracle that I turned out even somewhat normal! Basically the entire trip had moments like that. That was in the middle of the day, imagine the kind of things that were being said once we past the 2am mark!

All in all the trip was awesome. Had a rough start with the whole "Room ordeal" and the 3hr delay on the way home was not great (spending over and hour in a boarded plan with 100 people and no air conditioning fits under the "not great" category) but everything else fits under the amazing category. I am so glad I have such a great family, we sure do have a lot of fun together. So Dad, now that you read my blog...when/where is the next vacation?!

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