Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Hospital Blog!

Where to begin? How about a few months ago! I started to get this horrible cough! At first I thought it was allergies (because my allergies were SOO bad this year), and then I got a bad cold, so I thought it was that. After a fews weeks of no allergy symptoms, and no cold symptoms, I knew this cough wasn't normal.

The start of last week I went to the walk in clinic. He said that this cough was indeed from allergies. My lungs had filled with mucous, and the cough was just due to irritation. He gave me a pill to take during the day (which was a chewable tablet that seriously tasted fantastic), and a narcotic cough syrup that taste crappy, but was AMAZING! (One night I fought the urge to sleep, and started talking about the fibers in my sheets brushing up against my skin cells....What can I say? Cough syrup brings out the party in me!)

By the end of last week I had seen no improvement. I was unable to go to the gym, I couldn't hold on a conversation, and my cough had gotten worse. By the time Friday came around I knew something was wrong. I couldn't decide if I should go to the hospital, or just the walk in clinic. For some reason I had this feeling I should go right to the hospital.

By the time I had gotten to the hospital, things had gotten progressively worse. I was so out of breath I felt faint and nauseous, and could hardly tell the nurse who I was or why I was there. Once they had me sitting I had expected to be in the waiting room for hours, but they had me back right away.

They asked for me to put a gown on, because they would need to do a series of chest x-rays. I was less than impressed about this, had I had service on my phone I would have blogged about it right then. If you don't understand why this pissed me off, your probably a man. Let me enlighten you. I have no top on, no bra on, and no tank top on. I also have an open back, which is making me FREEZING and the only thing between my boob and a room FULL of people, is a sick thin layer of fabric. Enough said.

There wasn't much time for my anger to grow, as they started doing tests on me right away. All that is the boring part (which lasted around 6 hrs). The fun part is when they had me hooked up to oxygenated Ventalin! When you take a Ventalin puffer you get a SMALL dose of the actual drug, I'm talking like a drop. THEY HAD ME INHALE OVER HALF A CUP! I tried to tell them I am a light weight, but they insisted that's what my height and weight needed to open my lungs. Well, it sure did that! Within minutes my body was shaking, my arms were tingling, and my fingers were numb. That feeling stayed for a good day or two (was not a fun weekend).

Despite being slightly drugged, I was still able to find hospital people to be rather entertaining. There is always the "Drunk Native" (No racism intended, but if you have been to Emerg in Lethbridge, you know its true) who crashed their car into something and insists they have only had water and milk to drink today. Then there is the "Stupid Man" that totally deserves to be there. In my case it was a guy who twisted his ankle (because he wasn't wearing the ankle brace he was supposed to) and is complaining because he has been waiting so long. Really buddy? Your stupid, you deserve to be hurt. If someone comes in holding their own limbs, in labor, not breathing, having a stroke, having chest pain, swallowed a quarter, stubbed their toe, had a weird color poo.....actually anything. You are the least priority because your stupid, deal with it. Next time ice and elevate! Then there is the "Show Off". The one who thinks there rather hot stuff because they are there. This was the guy who was bragging about how he drove his dirt bike off the coulees 8 weeks ago and his knee cap popped out the side..and his leg is still bent. You should be here, Ice and elevate wont fix that, but its always to watch the "Show Off" shut up when an old male Dr asks them to take their pants off ;)

All in all I have been diagnosed as asthmatic, and I have been having an asthma attack for over a month. The Dr. gave me a couple different puffers (which allow me to breath, but make me feel like death...lose lose situation) and a steroid. He said had I come to him right away it would have been much better, but because my lungs have been closed for so long, its going to take a few weeks for them to fully open up again. Which means no Abs Core and More class for awhile :(

On the bright side, I got the greatest news on Sunday. Brandon and I teach the 5yr olds in Sunday school at church. One of our darling 5yr olds (Stratton) was in Walmart with his family this past week, and saw one of those work out DVDs in the electronic sections. Apparntly the girl on the cover was wearing booty shorts, a tiny sports bra, had ripped abs and beach blond hair. Right away he looks at his parents and says "Is that Kinsley Phillips?!?!". Oh Stratton! How I love you! Thanks for noticing how hard I have been working, despite the fact just carrying on a converstaion with someone makes me need to nap.

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  1. Correction....he pointed at the DVD and said "hey there's Sister Phillips!". Even when we suggested it was someone who looked like you, he was positive that was you!!!