Friday, November 11, 2011

All the Single Ladies!

I have been a "Single Lady" for the past few weeks. A few months ago Brandon met with a couple from Calgary who were doing an entire home reno, and had Brandons company recommended to them. (Ironically I know this couple very well as they live a few blocks from my parents, and growing up their family went to church with mine). They drew up the plans for the Kitchen, fireplaces, bathrooms, laundry room, and office. When Brandon was telling me about this I had so many mixed feelings. I was so excited that they had landed this job, because it sounded BEAUTIFUL, and to be honest I was a little excited to have all this "Free time."

Turns out I hate free time. As soon as he left I missed him. It seems pathetic but that man is seriously my best friend. Remember those days growing up when your mom would let you sleep over at your best friends house? And you would watch movies, and then stay up all night just talking and laughing? With me and Brandon, its like a sleepover EVERY night!

I realized the nights would be lonely, but that's why I have my Makita puppy -who I let sleep in my bed for the first (and second..and third..and..) time in her life! To keep my days busy, I thought this would be the perfect time to put in some long hours and late nights at work.

Turns out I hate late nights at work. One night I was feeling rather uncomfortable in my office all alone, and I called Brandon so I could talk to him as I locked up and walked to my car. He laughed at me as he always does with my paranoia to things, but despite how busy he was he stayed on the phone. I shut down the computers, turned off the lights, and set the alarm. It was rather dark out, a little cold, and I had just over a block to walk to my car. After I closed the office door I could see a baseball cap peeking over the dumpster a few car stalls away. I didn't find that too odd as there are ALWAYS drunk natives downtown, but just to be safe I walked on the other side of the parking lot. All of the sudden I could hear this person walking towards me, so I turned around and just said "Hey buddy, get away from me" and then he started running. At me. Poor Brandon is on the phone hearing me scream at the top of my lungs "Get Away From Me" as I am running as fast as I can. I turned around to see how far ahead I was (and I wasn't really at all) when he saw my cell phone in my hand, stopped dead in his tracks, and ran the other direction. I was freaking out, Brandon was freaking out, and all I could think of was catching my breath and getting to my car.

When I finally got to my car I locked to doors and called the police. If you have ever been in downtown Lethbridge at night (Or during the day for that matter), you know calling the cops about natives is rather useless, but I was so scared it was instinct. Normally they give you the "Are you in any imediate danger? Do you have to go back to that area? Ok go home and have a safe night" speech. Well, I started to get that speech, until I gave his description. Then she told me to stay in my vehicle, and she put me on hold. WHAT THE FREAK IS GOING ON!?! I would have rather been ignored. Within minutes I had two cop cars and 4 police offices surrounding my vehicle, and another cop car (at least) in the back area of my office. The police officers were so nice, one asked if I needed to be driven home as I was "visibly shaken up". I talked to them for about half an hour (they had said they had already monitored the area I had last seen the man, and had a squad of cars out looking for him) and they said the reason they were there is because they had the exact same incident reported the night before, with the same description. Awesome! It makes it very hard not to be racist towards natives during times like these. I try very hard not to stereotype any group of people but think, had I not been on the phone with Brandon, or had I not seen the native man and walked on the other side of the parking lot.... What would have happened? Is it being racist? Or is it being realistic? Sorry...this is a deep topic perhaps for another blog.

Back to being single! I had all these huge plans of things I wanted to do while Brandon was away. I was going to work long hours at work and get so much done (which got killed on like the 2nd night he was away), I was going to hang pictures in my house (which I did 50%, the others were to hard lol), and I was going to get so much cleaning done..which actually for the most part happened. I did however eat....ALOT OF CRAP! I went to the grocery store the day after he left and came home with all the crap I never get. I was like a teenager whos parents left for the week. (I wont go into my eating habits, you all read my facebook, and know that they are gross). On the bright side, McDonalds Monopoly is over.

Another fun fact, is I am rather deaf in my right ear. I have always known it, but it's never really had an effect on me. That is because when I sleep and snuggle up to Brandon my right ear is in the pillow, and my good ear faces the alarm clock. Well, with no Brandon, the good ear somehow got put into the pillow, which meant one morning I woke up 2 hours AFTER I wanted to be at work (still before my scheduled time, but seeing as how I do NOT work late anymore, I wanted to come in early). So that sucked.

I really missed Brandon. I am anxiously awaiting his arrival home because we had ANOTHER hoop to jump through this evening. As Brandon was driving home his truck broke down. No power. So he was on the highway, broken down, with no hazard lights. Poor guy! He has been working 12hr days, and just wants to be home so bad and now this. Thankfully he was just a little outside Calgary, and as soon as I called my dad and told him B had broken down he was up and in his truck before I even told him where he was. My dad is such an amazing guy...I guess girls really do marry men like their dads.

I am SO grateful for the amazing men that I have in my life. I have been one blessed girl that's for sure!! Growing up with all brothers had its downsides sometime, but now that we are all grown (Well, not really...Preston just turned 9 last week lol) it is amazing how much the men (and boys lol) in my life are always looking out for me.

All in all I am so grateful that Brandon is busy with work, and even though he was away from our home, he was close to the home that I grew up in. Which means I can go and visit him and my family on the weekends which is great! Hopefully he will have more great opportunities in Calgary, but for now, I am happy to have him back in our home!

PS just got the text that B is in Fort Mac and Dad is back in bed in Calgary! Thanks again Dad for always saving the day, I know you have many other things on your plate right now. I hope that I can be half the parent you and Mom have been and be able to drop what ever is on my plate for my kids!

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